Exhibit B #MMMay16

This year I joined Me May May, pledging to wear one garment I had made each week that I never or rarely wore, and to reflect on why I didn’t wear it. As we’re in week two, here’s my second…

Eva's Shawl

I can already here some of my lovely readers saying, ‘But we like that!’ However, that’s not the only bit of deja vu I’m getting. This second piece of me made clothing, just like the first, I made: Continue reading “Exhibit B #MMMay16”

Rookie error

When I was a kid, our LYS used to tuck a couple of extra balls of yarn in a pigeonhole behind the till, just in case the pattern my mum was buying yarn for needed a bit more than the suggested amount. So I learned very early on that shades vary between dye lots and have never bought yarn without ensuring I have enough of the same dye lot to complete a project. Continue reading “Rookie error”

Right now on my needles

I haven’t posted any of my WIPs since before Christmas, so to help myself take stock and to share, here’s what I’m up to at the moment.

I’ve just cast off the colour block jumper I started back in August as car knitting. However, every time I had a long journey I worked on other pieces, so this only came out on local windy roads where I didn’t have to look. I’m really glad to be rid of it and I’m not even sure I like it. But I’ll sew it together and see.

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Ten top tips and tricks for blocking knitting and crochet

Last Friday I wrote a post on why and how to block knitting and crochet. However, my list of tips and tricks for blocking grew so long, I need to be turned it into a separate post. So here are my ten top tips and tricks on blocking knitting and crochet. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve any blocking tips and tricks to add.


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How and why to block knitting and crochet

When one of my craft group asked, ‘What’s this blocking thing you talk about on your blog?’ My ‘brief’ explanation had many many points. Since I’d just finished crocheting my Eva Shawl, I decided to write a post about blocking crochet and knitting using Eva as my model. So, here’s how and why to block knitting and crochet.

Eva's Shawl

Why block knitting and crochet?

Blocking has several beneficial effects on your knitting or crochet. It can:

  • ‘Iron’ out uneven stitches and tension issues.
  • Allow you to shape a garment the way you want it.
  • Help your garment keep it’s shape over time.
  • Improve the look and drape of your fabric.
  • Make seaming easier

How to block knitting and crochet

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