New Project Fail

When I decided my next crochet project would be the Granny Rocks sweater, I rummaged through my small stash to see if I had any suitable yarn. I was delighted to find just the right amount: six skeins of my own Shetland-Ryeland 4ply that I had saved when I gave up dyeing. I duly wound them into cakes…


…and began crocheting.  The rib went well, but after a few pattern rows I realised my tension was way off on the pattern rows. I frogged it back to the rib and decreased across the last rib row and worked a smaller size…



…but as I worked on it I realised that one of the dark blue skein hadn’t been 4ply but double knit…


I was was also beginning to think the gaps between the clusters were far too big. So although I could have dyed some of my 4ply Ryeland dark blue and used that, I don’t think I will. I’ve therefore sadly put the yarn back in my stash and am now wondering what to make for my next crochet project.

Hope you’re having more luck with your projects.

Until next time.

Bekki x



Charlotte Square Blanket Ta Da!

Pleased to say I’ve completed my second finish of the year. Sorry no arty pictures of my Charlotte square blanket, just a quick shot of it slung over the settee where you can actually see the pattern. Not only am I a bit short of time at the moment, but all the other surfaces I put it on showed the surface more in the photo than the blanket.


For the squares I only followed the first 18 rows of the pattern and I added a few rows of double crochet to make the edge once I’d joined all the squares. I started it as therapy to help my poorly thumb and regular crochet certainly seems to keep it feeling tickety boo. Which means I need to start another crochet project pronto!

Until next time,

Bekki x




WIP Update

Delighted to tell you that over Christmas and New Year I finished the last square of the Charlotte square blanket and have crochet all the squares together.


I just need to edge it and I’ve finished.

Otherwise I have no other WIPs to show you.

What? No knitting? I here you cry.

No, no knitting – unless you count a couple of minor UFOs I need to dig out.

It feels quite freeing to only have one yarn project on the go (if we ignore the UFOs), but I do have plans for a knitting project and for my next crochet one when I’ve finished the blanket.

How many projects do you currently have on the go?

Until next time.


WIP Round Up – 5/12/19

With Christmas closing in fast and me focusing on drawing, there’s not been a lot of crafting going on, including that I’ve still not sewn up my red sweater…


I have however nearly crochet two more Charlotte squares…


Only one more to go!

I’ve also started a pair of fingerless mitts – same pattern as the currently nameless pair of full mittens, but in a different colour way. 

Knitting from both ends of the ball because I wanted to knit in the car and the next thing to do on the nearly finished pair was the tubular bind off.

Plan is to write both mitts and mitten patterns up and sell as one pattern. Hopefully that will happen before Christmas – but you know how it goes.

Until next time,

Bekki x 

WIP Round Up

Some people – and they know who they are – have suggested that I may have lost my knitting needles.

Untrue.  I have been knitting. And not just French knitting.


I’ve finished the teapot sweater…

Tea Cosy Sweater

and I’ve started a pair of mitts…


That’s the good news. On the negative, I still haven’t sewn up my red sweater…


But what knitter doesn’t procrastinate about sewing up their work together?

And whilst it’s not knitting, I’ve completed 5 more squares of the Charlotte squares blanket since my last made a WIP post. Only 3 squares to go now.


So not a lot, but progress is progress.

Until next time.

Bekki x


WIP Catch up

Just in case my blog is beginning look as if all I’m ever going to subject you to in future is bad sketching and strange looking machine scribbles, I thought I’d better do a quick WIP catch up…

My red sweater is still on the go. Not much progress since last time – too distracted by every other craft. All I’ve done is finish the wrapped pattern and add some ribbing to  the top.


I’m currently contemplating how to edge the top – since casting straight off from the rib is going to create a rather unsightly seam – or rather I keep meaning to contemplate it.

My other knitting WIP – a tea cosy for my friend – has come to a complete standstill. I really should finish it, so little left to do…


I’ve completed two more squares of my crochet blanket – 12 down, 8 to go.


I’ve started an embroidery, which was supposed to be a quick project, but I keep sitting down too late in the evening to concentrate on it.


I’ve already sold out/sent out all of the free motion embroidery cards I made, so I’ve made a huge batch more. The fronts are currently waiting to be stuck to the cards.


There is also pair of PJ bottoms wafting around somewhere almost finished.

As you can see I’m almost keeping to my promise of not to having more than one project of each type on the go at once – although not making huge progress on any.

Until next time,

Bekki x