Your question: What is the Protestant population of Northern Ireland?

How many Protestants are there in Northern Ireland?

Ulster Protestants

Total population
Northern Ireland 752,555 (Self-identified) (Northern Irish Protestants)
Republic of Ireland 201,400 (Self-identified) (Irish Anglicans) (Irish Presbyterians) (Irish Methodists) (Other Irish Protestants)
Ulster English, Ulster Scots

Is Belfast more Catholic or Protestant?

In the Belfast City Council and Derry and Strabane District Council areas, the figures at ward level vary from 95% Protestant to 99% Catholic.

List of districts in Northern Ireland by religion or religion brought up in.

District Belfast
Catholic 40%
Protestant and other Christian 49.5%
Other 8.7%

What is the main religion in Northern Ireland?

Christianity is the main religion in Northern Ireland. The 2011 UK census showed 40.8% Catholic, 19.1% Presbyterian Church, with the Church of Ireland having 13.7% and the Methodist Church 5.0%.

Why are Protestants declining in Northern Ireland?

One of the reasons for the decline in the Protestant population is that it is an older community with higher mortality. Other factors include migration and the increase in the number of those who define themselves as not having any religion.

Is Omagh Catholic or Protestant?

In a town of about 60 per cent Catholics and 40 per cent Protestants, community relations have been relatively cordial.

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Is Ballymena Catholic or Protestant?

Ballymena is the buckle in Northern Ireland’s Bible belt, the seat of the Paisley family and a place that has been likened to 1960s Mississippi. It is rural, conservative, mainly born-again Christian and predominantly Protestant. Catholics make up about 25% of the borough.

Is Dublin Protestant or Catholic?

Dublin and two of the ‘border counties’ were over 20% Protestant. In 1991, however, all but four counties were less than 6% Protestant; the rest were less than 1%. There were no counties in the Republic of Ireland which had experienced a rise in the relative Protestant population over the period 1861 to 1991.

Are there more Protestants in Northern Ireland?

Like Great Britain (but unlike most of the Republic of Ireland), Northern Ireland has a plurality of Protestants (48% of the resident population are either Protestant, or brought up Protestant, while 45% of the resident population are either Catholic, or brought up Catholic, according to the 2011 census) and its people …