You asked: Why did British soldiers wear red coats?

Are red jackets illegal in Britain?

The myth goes that you can’t don the distinctive red coat and black cap of the retired soldiers/national treasures since 1692. It’s not actually illegal though; we called them and checked — they said you could probably do it with their permission if you really wanted.

Who wore red in the Civil War?

Garibaldi Guard: The 39th New York Volunteer Infantry was another Union unit that was inspired by international style, wearing puffy red shirts like those worn by Italian soldier who fought under Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Why did British soldiers wear shorts?

In many cases, the cotton shorts were an alternative to wool trousers, and were much more comfortable in hot weather. Of the European armies whose soldiers were expected to fight in tropical climates, the British, German, Italian, and French armies wore wool trousers with their standard uniforms.

Who wore red uniforms in the Civil War?

Tracing a soldier

The 146th was one of the union regiments who styled themselves “Zouaves,” after the Algerian auxiliaries in the French army. They wore colorful uniforms that included baggy red pantaloons, sky-blue jackets and red fezzes.

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