Who is a Geordie in the UK?

What does Jordy mean in the UK?

The word “Geordie” can refer to a supporter of Newcastle United. The Geordie Schooner glass was traditionally used to serve Newcastle Brown Ale. The Geordie dialect and identity are primarily associated with those of a working-class background.

What does Geordie mean in English?

chiefly British. : an inhabitant of Newcastle upon Tyne or its environs also : the dialect of English spoken by Geordies.

Why are Northerners called Geordies?

The original Geordies were miners from Felling coal pit. After an explosion in 1812, George Stephenson invented the Geordie lamp in 1914. So all north east miners were nicknamed Geordies.

What are Geordies known for?

Over time, the lamps and the miners themselves became known as Geordies. Technically a Geordie can only be a native of those parts of Northumberland and Durham known as Tyneside. So there you have it. Either way, Geordies are still the greatest people on earth.

What’s the difference between Geordie and Scottish?

‘ Accents are a reflection of the history of the area, so while the Scottish accent is coloured by Gaelic and Scots, Geordie and Yorkshire are influenced by the Celts, Saxons and the Vikings.

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Are Geordies Vikings?

It must be true, the Geordies are modern day Vikings and their unique dialect reflects the rough, uncouth tongue of those not-the-least-bit-boring raiders and settlers of eastern England. … The main Viking settlements in England stretched from the River Tees and Cumbria to East Anglia (the Danelaw).

Who is the most famous Geordie?

Both born in Newcastle in 1975.

  • Rowan Atkinson. Actor & comedian, best known for Mr. …
  • Peter Beardsley. England & Newcastle United footballer. …
  • Eric Burdon. …
  • Chas Chandler. …
  • Cheryl. …
  • Jill Halfpenny. …
  • Charlie Hardwick. …
  • Tim Healy.

Is Geordie a Scottish name?

as a name for boys is of Greek origin, and the name Geordie means “farmer”. Geordie is a Scottish form of George (Greek): from Greek Georgios.

Why do Geordies hate mackems?

Why Mackems and Geordies? … ‘Geordie’ because of Tyneside’s staunch support of the Hanoverian King George II during the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion – ‘Geordie’ is a common diminutive of ‘George’; and Mackem because of Wearside’s accommodation of the Scottish ‘Blue Mac’ army during the civil war.

Where do you have to be born to be a Geordie?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a Geordie is ‘A native or inhabitant of Tyneside or a neighbouring region of north-east England‘, or ‘The dialect or accent of people from Tyneside, esp. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, or (more generally) neighbouring regions of north-east England.

Is Geordie a nickname for George?

A Geordie is a person from the Tyneside region of England; the word is also used for the dialect spoken by such a person. It is a diminutive of the name George, Geordie is commonly found as a forename in the North-East of England and Southern Scotland.

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Why Aye Man means?

Why aye man, pronounced to sound something like “wye eye mon” is indeed a typical Geordie (Northeastern England) greeting. It means nothing more than hello or how are you doing?