Which queen introduced tea to England?

Who was the queen during the Boston Tea Party?

Namely in 1976 when Queen Elizabeth II visited Boston during the bicentennial, the mayor of Boston at the time, Kevin White, paid her back for the tea that was thrown into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party.

Who was Charles the Second’s wife?

Did the Portuguese bring tea to England?

So, it is no surprising that Portugal was the first country to introduced (in written) tea to Europe. In 1662, Catherine of Braganza of Portugal married CharlesⅡand she brought tea to the Royal house of England for the first time.

Who taught the British how do you drink tea?

Catherine of Braganza (age 22), the Portuguese princess who set the fashion for tea drinking in England, married Charles II in 1662.

Who is the Portuguese queen?

Maria I of Portugal

Maria I
Portrait attributed to Giuseppe Troni, 1783
Queen of Portugal
Reign 24 February 1777 – 20 March 1816
Acclamation 13 May 1777
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