Where is the biggest aquarium in the UK?

How many aquariums are there in the UK?


More than 50% of local authorities have one or more licensed zoos within their constituency. Born Free maintains the most complete and comprehensive database of zoos in the UK. There are currently more than 300 licensed zoos in operation across the country.

Where is the biggest aquarium in Europe?

Visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, and you’ll find the Oceanografic, which holds a total of 41.6 million liters (11 million gallons) of water. It’s the biggest aquarium in Europe and the third biggest in the world, featuring unique avant-garde architecture in addition to its vast array of sea life.

Where can you see sharks in the UK?

Check out these six UK hot spots:

  • Cornish coast. The far western tip of Cornwall, including Sennen, Land’s End and Porthcurno, is a great place to shark-watch from the shore. …
  • Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire. …
  • South Stack Cliffs, Anglesey. …
  • Isle of Man. …
  • Coll, Hebrides. …
  • Balranald, Hebrides.

Is Sea Life bad?

The vast majority of species housed in Sea Life aquariums have not been assessed for conservation purposes. The Truth: Various incidences of captivity-related stress behaviours were recognised during the study as well as recurring health issues which, staff admitted, had resulted in high numbers of deaths.

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