Where is ethnic diversity highest in London?

What percentage of London is ethnic?

Published February 2, 2015 This article is more than 2 years old. London is now home to more than 8.6 million people, the highest the city’s population has been since 1939. What’s more, 44% of London now consists of black and ethnic minorities, compared to only 28.9% in 2001.

Where is the whitest place in England?

That figure is highest in Wales and the North east of England – the whitest borough is Blanaeu Gwent in Wales, where 96.5% of the population is white British, followed by Copeland in Cumbria, where only 2% of the population are not white.

What is the blackest city in the UK?

Almost 97% of Black Britons live in England, particularly in England’s larger urban areas, with most (over a million) Black British living in Greater London.

Black British people.

Total population
Wales 18,276 (0.6%) (2011 census)
Northern Ireland 3,616 (0.2%) (2011 census)

Is London more diverse than Manchester?

Manchester, in England, is the most culturally diverse city for its size in the world. … Cities such as New York, London and Paris also rank highly, but they are much larger.. For example, the population of New York City is just over 8.2 million, based on 2011 US Census data.

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Which UK city is most diverse?

The UK’s second city, Birmingham, holds the accolade for being the most diverse city in Britain.

Is London a diverse city?

Being the largest city in the UK, London is also home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. Approximately 1/3 of Londoners were born abroad and over 200 languages are spoken in the capital.

Where do Chinese live in London?

There are 120,250 Chinese people in London, comprising 1.5% of the city’s population. 33% of ethnic Chinese people in the United Kingdom reside in London.


Borough Population Percentage
Tower Hamlets 8,109 3.2%
Waltham Forest 2,579 1.0%
Wandsworth 3,715 1.2%
Westminster 5,917 2.7%

How has ethnic diversity changed in London?

There have been large changes in the ethnic composition of the UK in the last ten years. The key change is a decline in the number of people describing themselves as ‘white British’ from 87.5% to 79.8%. … Increased migration – the biggest change to the ethnic composition of the UK is the increase in ‘other white’.