What was the goal of the Battle of Britain?

What was the target of the Battle of Britain?

The primary objective of the German forces was to compel Britain to agree to a negotiated peace settlement. In July 1940, the air and sea blockade began, with the Luftwaffe mainly targeting coastal-shipping convoys, as well as ports and shipping centres such as Portsmouth.

What was the goal of Great Britain in ww2?

Against Germany: The paramount goal throughout the war was to protect the integrity of the British Isles and its population. The first and most daunting test was the Battle of Britain (July–October, 1940) during which Germany sent thousands of planes against English cities and military targets.

Why was the Battle of Britain important to Canada?

The official dates of the Battle of Britain are July 10 – October 31, 1940. The Allied forces flew the Spitfire and Hurricane Mark I aircraft. The Battle of Britain was the first time Canada had deployed its own identifiable national air assets (No. … 544 lost their lives, including 23 Canadians.

What were Britain’s goals?

The British wanted to use their navy, which was a big strength for them militarily, to prevent supplies from entering and leaving the colonies. The British hoped that by cutting off the trade of the colonists that they would weaken the colonists and force them to surrender.

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What was the Battle of Britain quizlet?

The Battle of Britain was Germany’s attempt to gain air superiority over Britain in the summer of 1940. … Britain’s victory saved the country from a ground invasion and possible occupation by German forces while proving that air power alone could be used to win a major battle.

How did the Battle of Britain change Canada?

Canadian aviation underwent rapid growth after the Battle of Britain. By the end of the war, 48 RCAF squadrons were stationed overseas. Almost 10,000 Canadians died in air raids over Germany in an effort to destroy German industry and the morale of the German people.

Why did Germany lose the Battle of Britain?

The decisive factors were British capability and determination, but German mistakes, before and during the battle, contributed significantly to the outcome. German rearmament was forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I, but aircraft development continued under the guise of civil aviation.

What was the Battle of Britain Canada?

The Battle of Britain was over. … 1 Fighter Squadron, RCAF , equipped with modern eight-gun fighters, became the first Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) unit to engage enemy planes in battle when it met a formation of German bombers over southern England on August 26, 1940.