What swans are in the UK?

Are swans rare in the UK?

The vast majority of swans which you may see in the British countryside are white. The beautiful white mute swan is a common site but you may also stumble across a black swan. The black swan (Cygnus atratus) is a native of Australia but several of these striking birds are now living in the wild in the UK.

Are there trumpeter swans in the UK?

This pair of TRUMPETER SWANS were discovered at Boyton Marshes in Suffolk yesterday (13 December 2014) and were still present today keeping to the edge of a 70-strong herd of Mute Swans.

Do foxes eat swans?

This is something that many people are also keen to avoid with our large resident male swan on Pond No 1, who fathered 10 cygnets earlier this year. Not to be too graphic about it but when foxes do attack a swan, they will remove the head and the feet of the bird.

Are black and white swans related?

When selecting a mate they will preferentially select a mate of the same species. … The black swan is a nearer relative to the mute swan than any other swan species. Black swans have therefore been recorded as producing hybridised young with mute swans, producing large mottled grey and white offspring.

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