What is Britain’s commonest bird?

What is the most common bird in the UK 2020?

The most common bird in the UK

  • Wren (11 million pairs)
  • Robin (7.35 million pairs)
  • House Sparrow (5.3 million pairs)
  • Woodpigeon (5.15 million pairs)
  • Blackbird and Chaffinch (5.05 million pairs each)

What is the largest flying bird in England?

For the first time in almost 200 years the great bustard — the heaviest flying bird and one of Europe’s most threatened species — has successfully bred in the wild in the UK.

Who has seen the most birds in the UK?

The Top 10 Listing Birders in the UK

  • Steve Gantlett (SJMG) of Cley (North Norfolk) on 599 species. …
  • Mel Billington, also of Norfolk (Dersingham), on 596 species (remember, order of provenance is dependent on who sets eyes on a particular bird first)

What is England’s national bird and animal?

National animals

Country Name of animal Scientific name (Latin name)
United Arab Emirates Peregrine falcon (national bird) Falco peregrinus
Uganda Grey crowned crane Balearica regulorum
United Kingdom Bulldog Canis lupus familiaris
Lion (England) Panthera leo
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