What era was the 1900s in England?

What happened in the 1900s in England?

January. 3 January – royal yacht Victoria and Albert almost capsizes while being floated out of dry dock at Pembroke Dock on completion of her construction. 9 January – influenza outbreak in London. 24 January – Second Boer War: Boers repel British troops under General Sir Redvers Buller at the Battle of Spion Kop.

What was the historical period in England called?

Periods in history

MEDIEVAL 1066-1485 (the Battle of Bosworth) Sometimes divided into ‘the High Middle Ages’ up to the 13th C and the ‘Late Middle Ages’ from 1300-1500
TUDOR 1485-1603
STUART 1603-1714
GEORGIAN 1714-1837 Sometimes referred to as ‘Hanoverian’

What historical events happened in the 1900s?


  • 1901 – President McKinley assassinated, Vice President Roosevelt becomes the 26th President.
  • 1901 – U.S. Steel founded by John Pierpont Morgan.
  • 1901 – Hay–Pauncefote Treaty.
  • 1901 – Louis Armstrong born.
  • 1901 – Jacquan Boyd born.
  • 1902 – Drago Doctrine.
  • 1902 – First Rose Bowl game played.
  • 1902 – Newlands Reclamation Act.

What era is 19th century?

The 19th (nineteenth) century began on 1 January 1801 (MDCCCI), and ended on 31 December 1900 (MCM). The 19th century was the ninth century of the 2nd millennium.

19th century.

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Millennium: 2nd millennium
State leaders: 18th century 19th century 20th century
Decades: 1800s 1810s 1820s 1830s 1840s 1850s 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s

What was happening in 1902 in England?

13 February – the 1902 World Figure Skating Championships held in London. 7 March – Second Boer War: South African Boers win their last battle over British forces, with the capture of a British general and 200 of his men. … 29 May – the London School of Economics is opened.

What will Charles era be called?

Prince Charles is therefore the longest serving heir apparent – the next in line to the throne. Eventually, when the Queen passes away, Prince Charles will become King. If he were to keep his first name of Charles to reign as King , he would be known as King Charles III.

What era was before the Middle Ages?

The Prehistoric Period—or when there was human life before records documented human activity—roughly dates from 2.5 million years ago to 1,200 B.C. It is generally categorized in three archaeological periods: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

What was before the Stuart era?

The Stuart period of British history lasted from 1603 to 1714 during the dynasty of the House of Stuart.

Stuart period.

Prehistoric Britain until c. 43 AD
Tudor 1485–1603
Elizabethan 1558–1603
Stuart 1603–1714
Jacobean 1603–1625