Is West Sussex in London?

Is West Sussex part of London?

West Sussex is a county in South East England on the English Channel coast. The ceremonial county comprises the shire districts of Adur, Arun, Chichester, Horsham, and Mid Sussex, and the boroughs of Crawley and Worthing.

Which part of England is West Sussex?

West Sussex, administrative county of southern England, bordering the English Channel. West Sussex lies within the historic county of Sussex, except for a small area in the north around Gatwick Airport, which belongs to the historic county of Surrey.

What part of London is East Sussex?

East Sussex is a county in South East England on the English Channel coast. It is bordered by the counties of Kent to the north and east, West Sussex to the west, and Surrey for a short distance to the north-west.


Area East Sussex
August 2012 18,790
August 2001 34,335
Population (April 2011) 526,671

Is West Sussex a nice place to live?

The county of West Sussex has beautiful country areas. It is best to search south and west, beyond Crawley and the Gatwick airport flightpaths. Here you will find some delightful tranquil parts with villages perfect for a bit of antique browsing and a nice cup of tea.

Is Sussex a city or town?

Until then Chichester had been Sussex’s only city. By convention, Chichester is Sussex’s capital city and Lewes is Sussex’s county town. Sussex encompasses approximately 3,783 square kilometres (1,461 sq mi).

Geography of Sussex.

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Continent Europe
Region Southern England
• Total 3,783 km2 (1,461 sq mi)