Is it illegal to burn turf in Ireland?

Can you burn turf in Ireland?

The sale and burning of smoky coal is already banned in many cities and towns. OVER THE COURSE of the next year, smoky coal and other polluting solid fuels will no longer be sold in Ireland. … The rules will impact coal, peat briquettes and wood, but turf won’t be affected.

Can you burn turf in Dublin?

The ban does not apply to turf and wood. The ban on the use or burning of bituminous or smoky coal by the occupier of a dwelling within specified areas covered by a smoky coal ban.

Is burning peat banned in Ireland?

Each year some 1,300 people die in Ireland due to air pollution from solid fuel burning. … In order to accommodate those with rights to harvest sod peat, no ban on its burning will be introduced; however, a regulatory regime to reduce its harm in more urbanised areas is under examination.

What is a turf fire in Ireland?

Turf is used a fuel and burnt in open fires and stoves. If you’ve ever been to a pub with an open fire in Ireland you’ve probably gotten that lovely smell of a turf fire. Before this turf can be drawn home it needs to be cut and dried out in the bog.

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Will turf cutting Be Banned?

Turf 2021. … “Cutting, supplying and burning turf could well be an illegal activity as early as February 2021 after the Business Post Newspaper revealed leaked plans by the Government to ban the sale of all smoky fuels in the new year.”

Are briquettes banned in Ireland?

Currently, the sale of smoky coal is already banned in 42 towns and cities across Ireland. … A requirement to emit less than 10 grams of smoke per hour when burned will apply to all coal and related products sold in Ireland, including manufactured solid fuel and peat briquettes.

Is turf smokeless fuel?

Turf cut from peat bogs may be the traditional fuel in the west of Ireland, but unfortunately, it is a smoky fuel. It has been banned in smokeless urban zones.

Why should turf cutting Be Banned?

Turf cutting takes place in bogs, habitats which are predominantly found in Ireland and were formed over thousands of years in areas with poor drainage and high rainfall. The water clogged environment removes oxygen from the soil and prevents plant materials from being fully decomposed.

Does turf burn well?

It burns up nicely, and not too much heat comes of it.

What is Irish turf made of?

Turf, or peat, is still the principle fireplace fuel in Ireland and is made up of the partially decomposed remains of dead plants and trees, accumulated in waterlogged bogs, and compacted for thousands of years. Brownish-black in colour, in its natural state it is composed of around 90% water and 10% plant material.

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What is bog Irish?

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