In what ways did Edward I trample over John’s rights as king of Scotland?

What did King Edward 1 do to Scotland?

In 1306 Edward marched to Scotland with a large army to fight the new Scottish king, Robert the Bruce. He got as far as the border of Scotland but then he got sick and died. According to one story, his last wish was that his body should not be buried until Scotland had been conquered.

What problems did John Balliol face?

He faced several immediate problems: Scotland had not had a king for six years and the administrative system was weak. many of the nobles, especially in the Western Isles and in the Robert Bruce lands, did not support him as king – these areas would be difficult to assert authority over.

What problems did Edward face?

In conclusion Edward VI faced a few problems during his short reign inlcuding issues with Power, Politics and Succession. Which subsequently led to tension after his reign. Edward VI was too young to rule by himself, therefore had to have Lord Protectors.

Why was Edward I asked to choose the new king of Scotland?

Edward I was informed of the looming threat of civil war by the Bishop of St Andrews, who asked him to help prevent war and bring stability to the country. The Guardians invited Edward to select the next King of Scotland.

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What did Edward VI do as king?

It was during Edward’s reign that Protestantism was established for the first time in England with reforms that included the abolition of clerical celibacy and the Mass, and the imposition of compulsory services in English. In February 1553, at age 15, Edward fell ill.

Edward VI
Religion Anglicanism

What role did John Balliol have in Scottish history?

This council signed a treaty with France known as the Auld Alliance. In retaliation, Edward invaded Scotland, starting the Wars of Scottish Independence. After a Scottish defeat in 1296, Balliol abdicated and was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

John Balliol.

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