How old are UK nuclear submarines?

How old is HMS Trenchant?

HMS Trenchant (S91)

United Kingdom
Launched 3 November 1986
Commissioned 14 January 1989
Homeport HMNB Devonport, Plymouth

How old are Vanguard submarines?

Since the decommissioning of the Royal Air Force WE. 177 free-fall thermonuclear weapons during March 1998, the four Vanguard submarines are the sole platforms for the United Kingdom’s nuclear weapons.

Vanguard-class submarine.

Class overview
Built 1986–1998
In service 1993–present
Completed 4
Active 4

How many submarines does UK have?

The Royal Navy has four Astute-class submarines, with three still being built, and two of the older Trafalgar-class submarines. In addition there are four Vanguard-class submarines armed with Trident nuclear missiles.

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