How much is a tri color English bulldog?

How much is a black tri English Bulldog worth?

The cost of a purebred English Bulldog will depend on its quality, its bloodline, the colors, breeder, age, gender and where you live. The prices can range quite a bit, ranging anywhere from $2,500 to more than $7,000.

How much does an English Bulldog cost?

Colors Average Price
Black Tri $3,300
Blue Tri $4,500
Chocolate Tri $4,500
Lilac Tri $6,000

How much is a tri merle?

The quick answer is – somewhere between $800 and $2,000, with an average of $1,300. Where exactly your puppy falls in this range will depend on his breed, pedigree, health and other factors. Let’s look at what determines the cost of a merle dog, and why they are so expensive!

How much do AKC English Bulldog puppies cost?

The Initial Cost of Purchasing an English Bulldog

It’s tough to put an exact number on the cost of a well-bred bully (tips on finding a good breeder here). But typically you can expect the cost to average around $1500-$4000.

What does Tri carrier mean in dogs?

When a dog “carries” all three colors, he or she is referred to as a triple carrier. He or she has the ability to produce black, blue and chocolate puppies if bred with the right partner. … ANY bulldog who carries chocolate and blue can create a lilac by being bred to another bulldog who ALSO carries chocolate and blue.

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Are black tri Bulldogs rare?

Overview: Black Bulldogs are the most common of the 4 Rare Colors in AKC English Bulldogs. The black should be shiny & look black against black objects or in the sun unless the seal gene is involved which can show a different color undertone to the black coat. … The nose, footpads, & eyeliner are always a true black.