How much beef does Ireland export to EU?

How much beef is exported from Ireland?

Ireland is the fifth largest beef exporter in the world and the largest exporter of beef in Europe. Total beef production in Ireland stands at approximately 520,000 tonnes, with around 470,000 tonnes destined for export.

How much beef is exported to EU?

Just over 80% of total beef exports were to the EU, highlighting the significance of the EU market to the UK beef industry. The growing proportion of exports to non-EU countries demonstrates that exports are starting to shake off the impact of BSE.

What country does Ireland export most of its beef to?

Ireland’s Trade in Goods 2018

Ireland’s exports of beef, pig, sheep and poultry meat to the UK in 2018 were valued at €1.3 billion. More than three-quarters of this (€1 billion) was bovine meat, equating to 211,000 tonnes.

What percentage of Irish beef is exported to the UK?

The UK takes about 50% of Ireland’s beef production. Although the only major exporting country to buck the downward trend in UK beef imports was Brazil, their 12% increased export volume to the UK took them only to 21,089t, compared to Ireland’s 178,481t.

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What country exports the most beef in Europe?

The Netherlands is the EU’s largest meat exporter

Beef and veal (bn euros) Other (bn euros)
Netherlands 2.5 1.5
Spain 0.8 1.9
Germany 1.0 1.3
Poland 1.4 0.4

Is Irish beef from Ireland?

Ireland’s mild, temperate climate, plentiful rainfall and rich soils lead to lush grasslands which makes up a good 60% of Ireland. So there is definitely no shortage of that special something that makes Irish beef so great. Ireland has a long standing heritage in agriculture and particularly beef farming.

Where does Ireland import beef from?

The beef import rate is considered surprising because about 90 per cent of Irish beef is exported. The imports came primarily from other EU states and Brazil. Almost all pigmeat imports are also from the EU, whereas chicken came from countries such as Thailand, as well as the EU.

How much beef does UK import from Ireland?

The figures confirm the Brexit trading shock for Ireland’s beef industry, which has heavily relied on the fairly steady UK beef import demand, for 360,000 tonnes of beef and beef products on average from 2013 to 2017, with Ireland the dominant supplier, with 63% of the trade.

Can UK export meat to EU?

The UK has applied to the EU to be a listed third country to allow exports to the EU to continue from 1 January 2021. If the EU lists the UK there will be no change to the process if you export beef and veal (from animals aged under 12 months at the time of slaughter).

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Does Ireland export live cattle?

Information : Live Exports. Live exports both to other EU Member States and to 3rd countries are a vital component of Ireland’s livestock industry and play an important role in ensuring competition in the market place by providing an alternative market outlet for farmers.

How much beef is imported into Ireland?

New figures have revealed where Ireland imported the most beef from last year. Great Britain was by far the largest, sending 22,002t, valued at €84,243. This was followed by the North, where 3,968t of beef was imported, worth €14,374. Other countries include the Netherlands (818t), Germany (674t) and Poland (470t).

How many calves are exported from Ireland?

In the first 24 weeks of 2019, a total of 181,631 calves had been exported from Ireland. As of June 20, this year, that figure stands at 131,305. Despite this, this year’s calf export levels are up 2.5% on last year’s figure to date, of 128,130.