How many English clubs have won the Europa League?

What English teams have won the Europa League?

European and World competition winners

European Cup/Champions League UEFA Cup/Europa League
2018–19 – Liverpool 2016–17 – Manchester United
2011–12 – Chelsea 2012–13 – Chelsea
2007–08 – Manchester United 2000–01 – Liverpool
2004–05 – Liverpool 1983–84 – Tottenham Hotspur

Which team won most Europa League?

Which 5 English teams have won the Champions League?

Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Nottingham Forest are the 5 English teams to have won the Champions League.

How many English players have won the Champions League?

30 players from Wales, Scotland and England. Go!

Since the Champions League came to fruition in the early ’90s, Manchester United (x2), Liverpool and Chelsea have all lifted Old Big Ears.

Does 7th qualify for Europa League?

So if the FA Cup winners finish in the top five, that means sixth place becomes another Europa League spot, and seventh place becomes the Europa Conference League spot.

Who won the Europa League 2011?

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