How big is Luxembourg to Ireland?

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Is Luxembourg bigger than the UK?

Luxembourg is about 94 times smaller than United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Luxembourg is approximately 2,586 sq km, making Luxembourg 1.06% the size of United Kingdom.

What state is the same size as Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is 0.82 times as big as Rhode Island (US)

With an area of 2,586 square kilometres (998 sq mi), it is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe. Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the United States.

Is Luxembourg as big as Rhode Island?

Luxembourg – Location, size, and extent

A landlocked country in Western Europe, Luxembourg has an area of 2,586 sq km (998 sq mi), with a length of 82 km (51 mi) N-S and a width of 57 km (35 mi) E-W . Comparatively, the area occupied by Luxembourg is slightly smaller than the state of Rhode Island.

Is Luxembourg bigger than New York City?

Luxembourg is about 47 times smaller than New York.

New York is approximately 122,283 sq km, while Luxembourg is approximately 2,586 sq km, making Luxembourg 2.11% the size of New York. Meanwhile, the population of New York is ~19.4 million people (18.7 million fewer people live in Luxembourg).

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Is Luxembourg smaller than Switzerland?

Switzerland is about 16 times bigger than Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is approximately 2,586 sq km, while Switzerland is approximately 41,277 sq km, making Switzerland 1,496% larger than Luxembourg. … Luxembourg using our country comparison tool.

Is Luxembourg the smallest country in the world?

The second smallest country in the world is Monaco at . 78 square miles. For comparison, the largest country in the world is Russia which measures in at 6.6 MILLION square miles.

The 100 Smallest Countries in the World.

Rank Country Total are in km2 (mi2)
28 Luxembourg 2,586 km2 (998 mi2)
29 Samoa 2,842 km2 (1,097 mi2)
30 Cape Verde 4,033 km2 (1,557 mi2)

Is Luxembourg a trilingual country?

The population of Luxembourg is generally bilingual or trilingual, most people speaking Luxembourgish and either French or German or all three.

Is Luxembourg in the EU?

Luxembourg is a member country of the EU since January 1, 1958 with its geographic size of 2,586 km², and population number 562,958, as per 2015. Luxembourgers comprise 0.1% of the total EU population.

Is Luxembourg bigger than Liechtenstein?

Luxembourg is about 16 times bigger than Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is approximately 160 sq km, while Luxembourg is approximately 2,586 sq km, making Luxembourg 1,516% larger than Liechtenstein.