Frequent question: How many people work in the UK service sector?

England and the UK generally

How big is the service sector?

United States: $15.5 trillion. China: $6.2 trillion. Japan: $3.4 trillion.

What are the biggest employment sectors in the UK?

The 10 Biggest Industries by Employment in the UK

  • Supermarkets in the UK. 1,220,923.
  • Hospitals in the UK. …
  • Charities in the UK. …
  • Temporary-Employment Placement Agencies in the UK. …
  • General Secondary Education in the UK. …
  • Direct Selling & Marketing in the UK. …
  • Construction Contractors in the UK. …
  • Full-Service Restaurants in the UK.

What makes up the UK service sector?

House of Commons Library. “Industries in the UK.” Accessed April 1, 2020. Statisa. “United Kingdom: Distribution of gross domestic product (GDP) across economic sectors from 2008 to 2018.” Accessed April 1, 2020.

Which sector makes up 79% of UK jobs?

Five facts about… The UK service sector

  • 79% of UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came from the service sector in 2013. …
  • The percentage of workers in the service sector rose from 33% in 1841 to 80% in 2011. …
  • The service sector dominates London’s economy.

Who belongs to the service sector?

The service sector provides services, rather than producing material commodities. Activities in the service sector include retail, banks, hotels, real estate, education, health, social work, computer services, recreation, media, communications, electricity, gas and water supply.

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What are the 3 main economic sectors?

The three main sectors of industry in which a company can operate are:

  • primary.
  • secondary.
  • tertiary.

What percentage of people work in service?

The statistic shows the distribution of the workforce across economic sectors in the United States from 2009 to 2019. In 2019, 1.36 percent of the workforce in the US was employed in agriculture, 19.91 percent in industry and 78.74 percent in services. See U.S. GDP per capita for more information.

What are the top 5 industries in the UK?

The 10 Biggest Industries by Revenue in the UK

  • Supermarkets in the UK. $189.9B.
  • Pension Funding in the UK. $155.9B.
  • Construction Contractors in the UK. $121.8B.
  • Banks in the UK. $99.8B.
  • New Car & Light Motor Vehicle Dealers in the UK. $98.4B.
  • Hospitals in the UK. $96.8B.
  • General Insurance in the UK. …
  • Management Consultants in the UK.