Frequent question: Are UK sockets safe for babies?

How Safe Are UK plug sockets?

1) UK sockets are already designed to be safe. All 13A sockets incorporate a shutter system which provides protection against access to the live and neutral contacts. 2) Socket covers make sockets less safe as they can be used to override the in-built protection of the socket.

How do I make sockets safe for babies?

The quickest and simplest way of protecting your child from electric shock is by using a simple electric socket cover. These look a little like electric plugs, but are flat as they don’t actually contain any cables. These push into the sockets and can’t be pulled out easily by small fingers.

Why are electrical outlets dangerous for babies?

Whatever it is, it makes outlets extremely dangerous because they attract kids. If a child sticks wet fingers into an outlet, or even worse if a child sticks a piece of metal into an outlet, electocution is a definite possibility. Electrocution frequently results in death.

Why are plugs dangerous for babies?

Babies’ fingers too big to fit in socket holes

They even claim that socket covers can make the sockets more dangerous as using them can lead to the socket overheating and maybe going on fire. Putting the cover in may damage the shutters that are there to give protection.

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Can babies get electrocuted from outlet?

If your baby puts something in an outlet, they are at serious risk for an electrical shock. Every year, approximately 2,400 children are treated for shocks and burns related to tampering with electrical outlets. That’s about 7 children every day. Even more troubling, about 12 children die from these injuries each year.

Are outlet plugs safe?

Yes, 100%. Every single one of them. Older children are also at risk. In fact, roughly 1 in 3 children injured by electrical outlets each year are between 5 and 17 years old.

What happens if baby puts finger in socket?

This can lead to overheating when the plug is put back in. And he said it’s also not true about little fingers reaching the parts inside a socket. He added: “It’s also a myth of babies being able to put their fingers in because the conductors are too far back. They just wouldn’t be able to reach.”

Why do hospitals put outlets upside down?

Because if a cord or wire were to fall down on a partially plugged in right-side up outlet you would short out between the hot and the neutral. When the outlet is “upside down” in the above situation the wire would touch ground first.

Do you need to baby proof plug sockets UK?

It is completely impossible for even the smallest baby to put a finger into a socket. All British sockets, by law, are fully protected against the insertion of objects which are not plugs! No responsible “childproofing experts” recommend the use of socket covers, the only people who do are those who sell them!

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Are plugs safe for kids?

If parents are going to use outlet plugs, they should remember: Purchase outlet plugs that are too big for a baby or child to choke on. If they fit inside a toilet paper tube, they are a choking hazard. Always replace outlet plugs after using the outlet.