Can I see Northern Lights in Scotland?

What time of year is best to see the Northern Lights in Scotland?

Autumn and winter are the best times of year to see the Northern Lights in Scotland as the nights are the darkest. Late at night or the early hours of the morning are generally your best chance of catching them.

What months can you see Northern Lights in Scotland?

When are you most likely to see the northern lights in Scotland? The auroras are most likely to be seen in Scotland between mid-October and mid-March, and for best chances you want to avoid any times where there is going to be a full moon.

Can we see Northern Lights in Scotland?

Usually, they can only be seen in the most northerly parts of the UK in Scotland, but on Saturday and Sunday they were visible as far south as Wales. The Northern Lights are one of nature’s great spectacles, something you are not likely to forget seeing.

How long does it take to drive Route 500 Scotland?

Our advice is to allow at least 5 days to drive the full route round-trip, although more days will obviously allow you to see more. If you have less than 5 days, we’d recommend focusing on a section of the route or a region or two in the area.

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Can I see the Northern Lights in Aberdeen?

Those in lower altitude areas of the north and north-east and along the Aberdeenshire and Moray coast had the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Can you see the Milky Way from Scotland?

Scotland has some of the largest areas of dark sky in western Europe. … Here, you can see superb starry skies and even the Milky Way! Even within towns and cities you can find local places that are away from the worst of the local light pollution.