Can I rent a car in Ireland and take it to Scotland?

Can you rent a car in Ireland and drop it off in Scotland?

There’s no problem taking a rental car from the Republic of Ireland over the border to Northern Ireland. The majority of car rental companies will allow this. Some will not charge you for doing this, while others will levy additional charges – the advice is to shop around.

Can you take a rental car from Ireland to Scotland by ferry?

Yet vehicles hired from within the UK in Northern Ireland can be freely taken either into the Republic of Ireland or to Great Britain without any additional fee or permission. AutoEurope will tell you that your damage protection is not in force while on a seagoing ferry.

Can I drive a rental car from Dublin to Belfast?

‘ Sure you can! As all car hire companies allow to cross the border to Northern Ireland (the UK) only. And the providers which supply you with the best cars are: Avis, Europcar, and Sixt. The distance between Dublin and Belfast is approximately 166-169 kilometers or 105 miles.

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Can you rent a car and take it across the country?

Rules in the US

In the US, most major national rental car companies don’t restrict driving across state lines. … You can book a cross country car rental with unlimited mileage from any of these providers and head to your destination without worrying about incremental fees.

Can I take my rental car to Northern Ireland?

Rental companies in both parts of Ireland usually allow their cars across the border. But do tell the car hire company if you plan to travel into the other country. … The car will then be covered for both the Republic of Ireland and the UK and you’re free to explore.

Can you drive a Northern Ireland car in Ireland?

A: No, not if your main residence is in NI and that your car is registered and taxed in NI. You will only need to re-register and tax the car in Ireland if your main residence is there. … A: No, you cannot drive in N. Ireland on an Irish provisional licence/learner’s permit.

How long does it take on a ferry from Ireland to Scotland?

Biggest and best ferries – direct to Cairnryan!

Travel on the biggest ferries ever to sail between Northern Ireland and Scotland, Stena Superfast VII and Stena Superfast VIII. These sister ships travel from Belfast to Cairnryan in a crossing time from only 2 hours 15 minutes with a choice of up to 6 daily crossings.

Can I take a hire car from England to Ireland?

Most car hire companies in the UK will allow a renter to take and drive a rental car to Ireland. However, please note that fees and conditions apply. Charges will depend on extra insurance and roadside assistance cover for which you will be required.

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Do I need a green card to drive in Ireland?

You do not need to carry a green card when you drive in the EU (including Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland. You still need valid vehicle insurance. You may need to carry a green card to drive in other countries, including: Albania.

Does Ireland recognize US driver’s license?

You can drive with a US license in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as long as it is valid while you are traveling. What is this? However, you must meet the usual car rental age requirements (check rental car agency for details). The same goes for Canadian and EU citizens.

Why is car rental so expensive in Ireland?

Caroline Parot, chief executive of the largest listed car hire company in Europe, said prices had risen because providers could not source enough vehicles to meet demand from holidaymakers. … While a lot of international travel in Europe is curtailed, people are increasingly travelling within their own countries.