Best answer: What does gloaming mean in Scottish?

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How do you use gloaming?

Gloaming in a Sentence

  1. The thin crescent moon provided a hint of light in the night’s sky in the gloaming.
  2. At gloaming, the night sky began to darken and the stars could be seen more clearly.
  3. Playing outside until gloaming, the kids were disappointed that twilight had arrived.

What is a Gloamer?

There are supernatural elements at play and the more they learn about the case, the more they get drawn into the mysterious ways of the ‘Gloamers’ — the ‘unsettled dead that linger in the liminal space between light and dark, life and death’.

What is a Gloman?

1. Evening twilight, dusk.

Is gloaming the same as twilight?

is that gloaming is (poetry|scotland|uk|north england) twilight, as at early morning or (especially) early evening; dusk while twilight is the soft light in the sky seen before the rising and (especially) after the setting of the sun, occasioned by the illumination of the earth’s atmosphere by the direct rays of the …

What happens in the gloaming?

The Gloaming is the story of an unorthodox and troubled policewoman, Molly McGee, who leads an investigation into the murder of an unidentified woman. … They discover that the murder has links to a cold case from the past, political corruption and occult practices.

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What is the opposite of The Gloaming?

gloamingnoun. Antonyms: daylight, nocturnal, darkness, diurnal, nighttime, daytime. Synonyms: sundown, crepuscule, dusk, vespers, twilight, dawn.

Is The Gloaming over?

Rated 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb, the first season premiered on Stan on 1 January 2020. Talking about season 2 we expect it to release shortly as the write-up platform has been set up. Season 2 is going to release in the mid of 2022 most probably.

Has The Gloaming been Cancelled?

The first season of The Gloaming averaged a 0.01 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 75,000 viewers. Find out how The Gloaming stacks up against other Starz TV shows. As of October 23, 2021, The Gloaming has not been cancelled or renewed for a second season.

Is Gloaming a Scots word?

A poetic word for “twilight,” or the time of day immediately after the sun sets, is gloaming. … This is a word with a strong Scottish heritage, adopted from Scottish dialect during the Middle Ages and rooted in the Old English word for “twilight,” glōm.