Best answer: Can you be evicted for having a pet Ireland?

Can landlords refuse pets Ireland?

The Residential Tenancies Act covers privately rented accommodation in Ireland outlining basic statutory obligations for both landlords and tenants. The law is silent on whether a person can have a pet or not. Threshold would like to see the law allow tenants to have pets when renting.

Can a landlord stop you having a pet?

Landlords can still stop tenants from keeping pets but must offer a reasonable excuse for refusal in writing within 28 days of the tenant’s request. Reasonable excuses would include a ban in smaller homes or flats where owning a pet might be impractical, said the minister.

Can my landlord evict me because of my dog?

Your landlord cannot go into your apartment and remove a pet or show up and force you or your pet out. Landlords have to follow the law and go through a legal process to remove tenants or their pets.

Why do landlords refuse pets?

Indeed, the majority of landlords don’t currently allow for pets in lets. There are many valid reasons for this. Including potential issues with damage, noise pollution, mess and potentially anti-social behaviour. Equally, there is desire from many tenants to have a pet in their home.

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What happens if you have a pet in a rental?

If your lease has a no-pet clause and you get a pet, your landlord will have the legal right to ask you to remove the animal from the property. … To move during your lease, you’ll have to break the lease and pay hefty penalties, sublet your rental, or work out an arrangement with your landlord to end the agreement early.

Can landlords refuse pets 2021?

Allowing pets is now the default position on the government’s recommended model tenancy agreement. If a landlord doesn’t want their tenant to have a pet, they must object in writing within 28 days of a written request from the tenant.

How do you get around pet restrictions?

What can I do if my dog is banned from an apartment complex?

  1. Request a pet interview. If the breed restrictions are in place by a landlord (not an insurance company), there’s still hope! …
  2. Create dog resumes. …
  3. Provide references. …
  4. Gather vet records. …
  5. Create a video. …
  6. Offer to pay pet rent. …
  7. Secure renters insurance.

What is a pet clause?

PET ADDENDUM TO RESIDENTIAL. TENANCY AGREEMENT. The landlord permits the tenant to keep a pet(s) on the premises in accordance with the following conditions. 1.

Why do landlords allow cats but not dogs?

Many landlords simply don’t want the hassle and mess that go along with tenant pets, including cats. While some pet owners are great, many are not, and landlords often don’t want to spend time dealing with pet problems. … Animal noise is rarely an issue, and cats don’t need the exercise that dogs of all sizes do.

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