Are kettles a British thing?

Where did kettles come from?

The word comes from the Old Norse word ‘ketill’, which means ‘cauldron’, and would most likely have been made from bronze. By the 19th century, most kettles were made from copper and heated over an open fire or stove. The first electric kettle was invented in Chicago in 1891, and took 12 minutes to boil the water.

What is a British kettle?

a container for boiling water, that has a lid, handle, and spout and is made from plastic or metal.

What country does not use kettles?

It’s a kitchen gadget we use every day in Australia, but you’ll struggle to find it in a home in the United States for one good reason.

What is kettle in slang?

Kettle and Hob is Cockney slang for Watch. “Nice new Kettle you’re wearing mate.” These were called fob watches, and it’s from this expression that we get Kettle and Hob for watch.

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