Sunday Sevens 2020 #3

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

This week we’ve had two storms pass over and another couple of days of wind and very heavy rain/hail.  In the village the edge of this field looked like a waterfall…20200114_16230900

This is the path below it…


I  know we’re way better off than other folks and I’m very happy to live with our stormy Dartmoor weather, but it still doesn’t make for good dog walking.

20200113_155920 - Copy00

The sheep were pretty unimpressed too…


But amongst all this we did spot a rainbow…


And once indoors there’s always somewhere warm and dry to chill…

20200114_142255 - Copy00

Finally on Saturday we had a frosty morning…


Making beautiful ice patterns on the skylight windows…


Time to filter the damson vodka to warm the cockles!


Until next time,

Bekki x

Scrap Happy – Hanging Hearts Ready for Valentine’s Day

These hearts are easy to knit and quick to knit too. They make a nice (Valentines? or Mother’s Day?) gift and look good hanging on a chest of draws or similar.

Knitted hanging hearts

As they can also very easily be made from scraps of ribbon and wool – which is what I did – and Valentines only a month away and Mothers’ day 2 months, I though I’d share the pattern with you as my January Scrap Happy post.

Knitted heart 2


Hanging Hearts Pattern

My hearts were make using double knitting and came out about 3.5″ high.




k              knit

k2tog     knit two stitches together

kfb         knit into the front and the back of the stitch

m1L        Make a left slanting stitch: insert the left-hand needle, from front to back, under the strand of yarn which lies between the stitch just worked and the next stitch on the left-hand needle. Knit this stitch through the back of the loop.

m1R       Make a right slanting stitch: insert the left-hand needle, from back to front, under the strand of yarn which lies between the stitch just worked and the next stitch on the left-hand needle. Knit this stitch through the front of the loop.

p            purl

p2tog     purl two stitches together

ssk         slip two stitches knit-wise, one at a time, onto the right  hand needle then slip them back onto the left and knit them together

sts         stitches

Ready to Knit?

Cast on 2 stitches

Row 1: kfb twice.

Row 2: purl

Row 3: k1, m1R, M1L, k1

Row 4: purl

Row 5: k1, m1R, knit to last 2 stitches, M1L, k1

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until you have 32 stitches

Work 8 rows stocking stitch

Shape top of heart

Row 1: ssk, k14, turn

Working only on 15 stitches just worked,

Row 2: p2tog, p to end

Row 3: ssk, knit to last 2 stitches, k2tog

Repeat rows 2 and 3 once then row 2 again.

Row 7: sssk, k to last 2 stitches, k2tog

Cast off

Second side of top

Row 1: k14, k2tog

Row 2: p2tog, p to last 2 stitches, ssp

Row 3: ssk, k to end.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 once then row 2 again.

Row 7: sssk, k to last 2 stitches, k2tog

Cast off

Sew ribbon to top and hang.

Knitted hanging hearts

If you like the idea of using your scraps, click on Kate or Gun (first two names in the list  below) and join us on the 15th of every month – or just those months you feel like joining in.  Here’s a list of both frequent and occasional Scraphappiers (?) if you want to see what everybody else is doing.

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Until next time,

Bekki x


Following my Heart 2020 – Fear and Art

I have to admit to a degree of fear of the blank page over starting this painting malarkey. I spent plenty of time phaffing and way too much time YouTube tutorial watching before I started.

But being a former creativity coach, I knew making a first mark on the paper would be a big step to overcoming this. So I detached from caring about the outcome and followed a very quick lesson in painting your first painting in two colours and ended up with this…


Although I’ve added the link above this is the video of his you should watch for this YouTuber –  nothing to do with painting, but it could save you a lot of money..

I digress…

I then set myself a goal to paint a picture for my friend’s birthday present. With her birthday being 11th of January and the present needing posting this forced me to get on with it.

My dear dear friend is the closest person I’ve got to a sister and she definitely appreciates handmade. So that took away the fear of not being good enough, as I knew she’d appreciate what I’d done, even if she wasn’t so keen on the picture. And anyway, she could always use the frame for something else.

She loves the seaside and has a very seasidey house. With my lack of skill, I knew I had to pick something simple, so the subject matter wasn’t hard to choose. I got going quickly and my first goal for 2020 was completed before I even blogged my 2020 goals list. 


The process has certainly sparked some interesting thinking, but I’ll save that for another post.

Until next time,

Bekki x





Sunday Sevens 2020 #2 – Harry’s Gotcha Day

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I usually share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. However it’s a year today since Harry came to live with us as his forever home, so here’s seven (or so) pictures of our first year with Harry…




Harry’s first day with us – blurred because it was impossible to keep him still for a photo.
In search of Big Foot


20190608_1208320020190610_0937550020190614_15281800sanna bay 600

Happy 1st Gotcha Day Harry!


Until next time,

Bekki x


2020 Goal Setting

This year I’m planning on pursuing  both creative ‘explorations’ as well as goals.


Explorations are basically about following my heart during much of my creative time, so I’ll blog about that as it evolves.


Whilst not always completely fitting the criteria to be goals, most of my creative plans have at least time frames attached. Here’s what I have on my list so far…

  1. Make some birthday cards by the end of January.
  2. Make secret advent present before 1st December.
  3. Take part in Scrap Happy every month.
  4. Use scraps or materials from my stash, rather than new, as much as possible this year.
  5. The first goal I had on my original list was to make a birthday present for a friend whose birthday is Jan 11th – already complete 🙂

To achieve before the end of the year:

  1. Design a Christmas cardigan.
  2. Make the cork picture I’ve save over 100 corks for.
  3. Finish off renovating our blanket box.
  4. Dig out any UFOs and finish them before the end of the year.

To achieve before Christmas:

  1. Make a Christmas table runner – well before Christmas
  2. Make some Christmas table mats – well before Christmas
  3. Make Christmas crackers – before Christmas
  4. Santa Cowl – before Christmas

I’m sure this list will grow, but that’s it for now.

Hope you crafting’s going well.

Until next time,

Bekki x

WIP Update

Delighted to tell you that over Christmas and New Year I finished the last square of the Charlotte square blanket and have crochet all the squares together.


I just need to edge it and I’ve finished.

Otherwise I have no other WIPs to show you.

What? No knitting? I here you cry.

No, no knitting – unless you count a couple of minor UFOs I need to dig out.

It feels quite freeing to only have one yarn project on the go (if we ignore the UFOs), but I do have plans for a knitting project and for my next crochet one when I’ve finished the blanket.

How many projects do you currently have on the go?

Until next time.


Sunday Sevens 2020 #1

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

It’s been a quiet week with all out Christmas visitors gone and the UK not really having gone fully back to work post Christmas. There was New Years Eve, but after a busy Christmas, half full of cold and with the log burner beckoning, we didn’t fancy the cold dark walk to the pub and back to celebrate. The snails in our village however had different plans; we spotted them having a party on this rock on New Years Eve afternoon…



It’s been reasonably mild lately and signs of spring are starting to peak through…


No idea what the primroses are up to though. Some of them seem to be perpetually flowering in my garden…


Thursday was book group. I should have read The Secret Life of Bees – and I did want to – but Christmas had been far to busy for me to get round to it..


Today we had a walk through the woods to the old Arsenic mine at the Tamar Trails centre.


Chilling to think people used to work here with only a handkerchief over their faces for protection.


And that, I’m afraid, was the extent of the excitement in my world last week.

Until next time.

Bekki x