More Watercolour Birds

Last week  I showed you a couple of birds I’d painted when I stumbled across a series of free loose bird painting tutorials, made by Tom Sheppard. Continuing with this series I’ve now painted a Kingfisher…


…and a goldfinch…

Hate that green bit

I then decided to branch out on my own and paint the original a loose blue tit, I meant to learn to paint from this series, without even looking at Tom’s blue tit tutorial.

Almost immediately I started I was kicking myself for wetting the breast first and not using broken brush strokes on dry paper like Tom had taught me. I moved on and painted the rest wet on dry. Then I looked back at the whole bird – yes, I know I should have taken a picture to show you – and realised that when I painted the breast I’d defaulted to the process and style I really love; wet on wet.

Yes, Tom’s birds are beautiful. Broken brush strokes are beautiful. But I’m not Tom and I what I love is the wet in wet process and the look of watercolour when it does it’s ‘watercoloury thing’.

I then rather botched the bird to try and make it look more like my sort of painting. It’s certainly far from a masterpiece, but here it is; neither the way I’d learned from the bird series  or the way my heart would have chosen to paint it!


Hopefully next time I show you a blue tit painting it will be painted from my heart. Having said that, I certainly learnt some things from Tom – thank you Tom –  and no doubt you’ll be seeing the odd broken brush stroke in my work, but from here on in, (mostly) more soft, more watercoloury pictures.

Until next time,

Bekki x








Sunday Sevens 2020 #21

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

Last Sunday was not just Father’s Day…


… It was the day I delivered my first watercolour commission…

father's day card00

Pro bono, of course, for Harry.

Sadly under current semi-lock down, lovely daughters couldn’t visit their dad on father’s day 😦


In better news, we finally found some sleepers to make a raised bed with…


Despite the short heatwave…


… and wanting to use the sleepers as skis, LH stared building it…


… while I did one of my favourite jobs; harvesting the lavender that grows on the steps to our front door…

In the fields the farmers were busy making hay while the sun shone…


And finally, since he hasn’t yet put in an appearance yet this week, here’s a photo of Harry…


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Loose Watercolour Birds

When I finished painting the blue tit I showed you in my last post, I decided I wanted to try and paint it in a loser style.


I looked for a tutorial on YouTube to help me and came across one by Tom Sheppard. It was part of a series on loose birds, so I decided to start with the first episode; painting a raven. In my first attempt I got it all too wet…20200620_20342600

The second was better, but not great…


…. and the third not much better…


I then moved into the second tutorial for an avocet. I painted a rubbish bird, then made a a right hash attempting to add a background. I then  made it worse trying to improve the background…


The third tutorial was for a magpie. I’m not fond of magpies and I was fed up with painting near black birds, so I skipped to episode four; a flamingo. This was a bit of a step change on the colours front, so I practiced on an unstretched piece of paper…


… and then used stretched paper…

I think I prefer the practice piece.

Then I tried to add a background and made it worse…


A long way to go, but that’s my progress to far and all those birds definitely helped improve my understanding of control of wet on wet watercolour and learn a few things about backgrounds.

And if you’re wondering, the blue tit is episode eight, so I may be a while before I get to that.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Watercolour Birds

Another quick post to show you my latest painting created by following one of Louise de Masi’s tutorials. It was beginner tutorial for painting a chickadee.


I had a bit of a fight with the rock/piece of wood it’s sitting on, because my grey completely separated out into blue and burnt sienna when I painted it.


But in the end I think it worked out okay.


Living in the UK, I have no real idea about or interest in chickadees – of course one of the pitfalls of following a tutor who lives on the other side of the world is that they’re more likely to paint animals you’re unfamiliar with. Feeling no real connection to my chickadee painting, I decided to apply the techniques from the chickadee tutorial to a bird I do love; a blue tit…


Quite pleased with my efforts, although definitely not happy about the breast, but I know what I should have done, rather than what I did do.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Sunday Sevens 2020 #21

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

Last Sunday Lovely Husband put the glass in the greenhouse and the tomato plants finally had a nice snug home…

20200614_180648 - Copy (2)00

This week I also ‘homed’ the strawberry runners in pots…

The weather has been pretty wet, but we’ve had a couple of lovely sunny days too and all the rain has filled the forest with lush greens that look gorgeous in the sunlight…


The fox gloves are also out in force…


You may have previously spotted that I’m no domestic goddess – so I doubt you’ll be surprised to hear that when the vacuum lost suction and I couldn’t find anything stuck in it, I realised it was because I hadn’t cleaned the filters for over 8 years. This is one of them soaking in the sink. They should be cleaned every 3 months!


Something else that needed doing after 3 months was to filter the damson gin that I set off infusing in March, but I had no problem remembering to do that…


And finally; Anyone for a quick game of Where’s Harry?


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x