Sunday Sevens 2020 #25

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

At the start of the week we had beautiful warm weather and the butterflies were out in force. Here’s what I spotted:

In the woods…

A ringlet…

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A meadow brown male


Meadow brown female…


Female small skipper…


A blurred photo, but some sort of fritillary.20200721_10281100

And sadly a departed brimstone…


In the garden I spotted a Peacock…


There were also a lot of whites in the garden, but they don’t land for more than a fraction of a second, so no photo.

Outside our bedroom window a red admiral was hanging around…


And in my lounge a golden retriever…

Okay, not a butterfly, but Sunday Sevens wouldn’t be Sunday Sevens without Harry.

Have you seen many butterflies this year?

Until next time,

Bekki x

Sunday Sevens 2020 #24

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

Despite living with his hairdresser, Harry had developed lock down hair…


… so on Sunday he had a shower and a haircut…

20200712_144700 - Copy00

On Thursday we planted a hydrangea that I’d gown from a cutting…


Harry helped us…


After he’d helped a swelling developed below his eye – presumably an insect bite/sting.


I gave him a couple of piriton and after a couple of hours napping it began to go down.

That evening Harry began growling at something he could see trough the french doors in the lounge. It turned out to be the hydrangea we’d planted…


Taking him out a showing him it was just the hydrangea stopped the growling, but he still kept an eye on it for quite a while from the safety of behind the settee…



However this week hasn’t been all bad for Harry. He found himself a new place to sunbathe…


… and, of course, he’s had plenty of lovely walks…

Anyone for a quick game of Where’s Harry?

Until next time,

Bekki x

Watercolour Hydrangeas

I showed you a few of my quicker paintings in my Scrap Happy post yesterday, but here’s my latest project that took me a bit longer to paint. I followed a tutorial from Maria Raczynska, but plan to paint some of my own hydrangeas in the future.

Watercolour Hydrangea

Hope you like it. I’m pretty pleased – although the frog is still my favourite.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Scrap Happy July 2020 – Fifty Shades of Green

A couple of weeks ago I painted this frog…


I was happy with the picture, but I had a bit of a mishap when mixing the paint for it; Not owning any green I mixed the greens needed from yellow and blue on a dinner plate. Unfortunately I used way too much blue and ended up adding a lot of yellow to make the two suitable greens – way too much green for one frog.

When I had finished the frog I decided to keep the plate of green (with some daubs of other unused colours around the edges) in case I could use the greens it again.

I used a small amount of the lighter green on the blue tit I painted,


Then I started taking part in Maria Raczynska‘s 21 days of summer; a challenge to paint pictures taking a maximum of 20 minutes to paint them.  I used some of the greens for the palm tree in the first challenge picture…


I mixed bits of other left over colours from the edge of the plate into the greens for the grass and background of the second 20 minute picture…

Day 200

… and mixed/used some more for one of maria’s longer tutorials…

20200713_18192200The more I mixed and used the colours on the plate the more the original greens got merged and new greens arose, giving greater depth and interest to the colours I was using. Suddenly my scrap plate of paint changed from being left overs to a palette I was picking up when I needed green.



I’m going to have to add some new paint to this soon, but up until now my scraps have gone a long way and using up leftovers has led me to find a great tool/process for making shades of green and (hopefully) more interesting paintings in future.

If you like the idea of using your scraps, click on Kate or Gun (first two names in the list  below) and join us on the 15th of every month – or just those months you feel like joining in.  Here’s a list of both frequent and occasional Scraphappiers (?) if you want to see what everybody else is doing.

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Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill, Claire, Jan,
Moira, SandraLindaChrisNancyAlysKerryClaireJean,
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Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin and Vera

Until next time,

Bekki x


Comfort Stitching #3

Six weeks ago I showed you that I’d finished 1/2 of the cross stitch piece I’d been working on as ‘comfort stitching’ during lock down.


I’m not sure this is comfort stitching anymore, but I am still stitching it. So just popping in to show you my progress since I’m now 3/4 way through.


Previously this spent 8 years on the UFO pile 1/4 finished. Hopefully I’ll finish it now without it hitting the UFO pile again.

Did you resurrect any UFOs in lock down? And have you finished them?

Until next time,