Your question: What is the biggest airport in London?

Is Gatwick or Stansted bigger?

While London Gatwick has a mix of full service and low-cost carriers, London Stansted is firmly the realm of the LCC with a few exceptions in standard times, such as Emirates. In 2019 Stansted Airport handled 28 million passengers, 15.5% of London’s total.

Is Glasgow airport bigger than Edinburgh?

Scotland three largest airports are Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. There are also airports at Inverness, Dundee and Prestwick as well as a number of smaller ones providing services to the Highlands and islands. Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s busiest, serving over 12 million passengers every year.

Is Gatwick or Heathrow better?

Meanwhile, Gatwick is Europe’s leading airport when it comes to point-to-point flights. Heathrow is popular with Americans while Europeans prefer Gatwick. Heathrow is located at the west side of London within 15 nautical miles from central London. It also has better and faster rail links compared to Gatwick.

What is the cheapest airport to fly into in London?

​The 5 Cheapest Airports to Fly to in England

  1. London Gatwick.
  2. Manchester. …
  3. London Heathrow. …
  4. Birmingham. …
  5. London City Airport. …
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