Your question: What is Northern Ireland famous for?

What are 5 interesting facts about Northern Ireland?

Country Facts

National Day: 17 March St Patrick’s Day
Currency: Pound Sterling (£)
Highest point: Slieve Donard mountain 848 m (2782 ft),
Longest river: River Bann 129 kilometres (80 miles)
Largest Lake: Lough Neagh – 151 square miles (392 km²) Also the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles

What is Northern Ireland also known as?

The term “Ulster” is widely used by unionists and the British press as shorthand for Northern Ireland, and is also favoured by Ulster nationalists. In the past, calls have been made for Northern Ireland’s name to be changed to Ulster.

What did Northern Ireland invent?

Electric Tramway: Brothers William and Anthony Traill from Co Antrim invented the world’s first electric tramway: the Giant’s Causeway Tramway. The first section of the linked Bushmills with Portrush and opened on the 29th January 1883. It was a three-foot narrow gauge that harnessed hydro-electric power.

What is the culture of Northern Ireland?

Much of Northern Ireland’s holidays, culture, and everyday life is centered around its Roman Catholic and Protestant roots. Many families hold traditional expectations and standards of behavior based on their beliefs. Daily life is also influenced by the agricultural and manufacturing economy.

What do Irish call Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is literally translated to Tuaisceart Éireann in Irish (though it is sometimes known as Na Sé Chontae ‘The Six Counties’ as well as Tuaisceart na hÉireann ‘[the] North of Ireland’ by republicans) and Norlin Airlann or Northern Ireland in Ulster Scots.

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What was the IRA fighting for?

The Irish Republican Army (IRA; Irish: Óglaigh na hÉireann), also known as the Provisional Irish Republican Army, and informally as the Provos, was an Irish republican paramilitary organisation that sought to end British rule in Northern Ireland, facilitate Irish reunification and bring about an independent, socialist …