Your question: How many hospital trusts are there in London?

How many NHS trusts are there in the UK 2020?

This list of NHS trusts in England provides details of current and former English NHS trusts, NHS foundation trusts, acute hospital trusts, ambulance trusts, mental health trusts, and the unique Isle of Wight NHS Trust. As of April 2020, 217 extant trusts employed about 800,000 of the NHS’s 1.2 million staff.

What is the largest NHS Trust in London?

Barts Health is the largest NHS trust in London and one of Britain’s leading healthcare providers:

  • Five hospitals, with over 16,000 staff.
  • 931 A&E patients every day.
  • 1.3 million outpatients a year.
  • Over 72% of our staff are female.
  • Over 20% are Black.
  • Over 30% are Asian.

How many NHS ambulance trusts are there?

The current system comprises 14 NHS organisations: 11 ambulance services trusts cover the separate regions of England and; individual nationwide services cover Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively.

How many general hospitals are there in the UK?

Number of hospitals in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2012 to 2018

Characteristic Number of hospitals
2017** 1,920
2016 1,922
2015* 1,882
2014 1,568

How many acute hospitals are there in London?

Trusts that cannot achieve 1% surplus even over an extended period. The outcome is the categorisation of the 18 acute London NHS Trusts into these 4 categories.

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How many hospitals does A&E have in the UK?

As of March 2020, there were 132 NHS trusts operating type 1 A&E departments. Each trust may operate more than one type 1 A&E department, and, based on audit data from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, there are approximately 180 individual type 1 emergency departments in England.