Your question: Do you have to wear a mask in the Tower of London?

Is Tower of London Open in lockdown?

The Tower of London is now open from 10am to 8pm as well as during the half-term holidays and tickets start from £14.90. The reopening came after the UK entered the next phase of its roadmap out of lockdown with restaurants and pubs now allowed to serve customers indoors.

How do I book a Tower of London with a Blue Peter badge?

As children are only able to use a Blue Peter badge when accompanied by an adult, please book the paid tickets you require in advance, selecting the palace you’d like to visit and clicking the ‘Buy tickets’ option in the top right corner.

Is there a dress code for Tower of London?

No dress code, however what you have suggested is respectful. Plus take something warm as on the Thames.

How long does it take to look around the Tower of London?

Most people who choose to visit the Tower of London will spend at least 15-30 minutes in line waiting to see the Crown Jewels. Plan on setting aside at least 45-60 minutes for the entire experience. Many visitors recommend setting aside at least 3 hours to see the entirety of the Tower of London.

Is Tower of London open to visitors?

Opening times

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Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 16.30.