Your question: Do British people have a stiff upper lip?

Do British people have top lips?

Asked if British people these days still have a stiff upper lip in terms of being restrained in displaying their emotions, a majority (57%) of Britons say no, they do not, while only 33% say British people do have a stiff upper lip.

What does the British term stiff upper lip mean?

: a steady and determined attitude or manner in the face of trouble.

What is the origin of stiff upper lip?

Origins. The idea of the stiff upper lip is traced back to Ancient Greece – to the Spartans, whose cult of discipline and self-sacrifice was a source of inspiration to the English public school system; and to the Stoics.

Why do Brits have a stiff upper lip?

The expression “stiff upper lip” refers to the emotionally stunted way in which Brits suppress their true upset, anger or hurt in times of crisis. We supposedly keep a national stiff upper lip during wars and other countrywide catastrophes, and on a personal level whenever things are not going well.

Where did phrase stiff upper lip come from?

The expression keep a stiff upper lip was popularized by the novel Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse and published in 1963. Interestingly, the idiom keep a stiff upper lip originated as an American way to describe staying resolute without giving way to emotion.

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What does hit the ceiling mean?

to become very angry. The sellers hit the ceiling when they heard the low offer on the house.

When did stiff upper lip come out?

Stiff Upper Lip (album)

Stiff Upper Lip
Released 28 February 2000
Recorded September and October 1999
Studio The Warehouse, Vancouver
Genre Hard rock blues rock