Your question: Can you name a child London?

Are there restrictions on naming your child UK?

According to the General Register Office, there are no restrictions on parents in the UK when naming their child – except for in exceptional cases, such as a name which could be deemed offensive, when an official could refuse to register it. But that does not mean anything can be allowed.

How rare is the name London?

London Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
2017 148 0.139%
2018 176 0.1173%
2019 161 0.1253%
2020 194 0.1128%

Is London a good name?

The name London is a girl’s name of English origin. The capital of the United Kingdom makes a solid and attractive twenty-first-century choice, with a lot more substance than Paris. It’s in the unisex column, with one boy starbaby (Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson) and one girl (Neal McDonough).

Is London a popular name for a girl?

The Ontario government says the name ‘London’ itself is becoming a popular name for girls. … The latest list, released Tuesday, includes the most popular baby names over the last century, which was Marie for girls and Joseph for boys.

Can a registrar refuse a baby name UK?

In fact there’s nothing in the regulations (or in the statute) which restricts the parents’ choice of name (or surname), and the registrar doesn’t have the right to refuse a name, except insofar as he might think it were something illegal (e.g. something racist).

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How do you spell London for a girl?

London is technically unisex (although it’s used on girls at a rate five-times more than boys), but the invented spelling of Londyn appears to be exclusively female. The name Londyn has only been around for five years, so it’s hard to say where it will go from here.

Is London a popular baby name?

London Origin and Meaning

In the US, London is popular for both sexes, though as the name rises for girls, it’s levelled off for boys. Of course, London is far less popular in the UK and other English-speaking countries.

Is the name London unisex?

London is a surname, derived from the city of London, and a unisex given name.

Is Lindon a name?

as a boys’ name (also used as girls’ name Lindon) is of Old English derivation, and Lindon means “linden tree hill”. Lindon is a version of Linden. Nature name: a tall. Lindon is also a variation of Lyndon (Old English): surname.

What London means?

William Camden reportedly suggested that the name might come from Brythonic lhwn (modern Welsh Llwyn), meaning “grove”, and “town”. Thus, giving the origin as Lhwn Town, translating to “city in the grove“.