You asked: Where is the North UK?

Where is the North and South divide UK?

In Great Britain, the term North–South divide refers to the economic, cultural and political differences between Southern England and Northern England, or sometimes between southern England and the rest of Great Britain including the Midlands of England, Wales and Scotland.

Is Nottingham classed as North?

Cities like Nottingham, Derby and Stoke may or may not be northern, too. … (Nottingham, Derby and Chesterfield are all in the East Midlands; Stoke is in the West Midlands.)

Is London North or South?

Southern England: the South-East and South-West, including Greater London and the East of England. Northern England: the North-East, Yorkshire and the Humber and the North-West including Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

Is Manchester North-East or West?

North-West England includes Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

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