You asked: When should I take life in the UK test?

Can you take Life in the UK Test before applying for citizenship?

You need to pass the Life in the UK Test before you apply for citizenship. The test asks questions about UK laws and the legal system, working and other details of life in the UK. You can do the test any time before you apply.

Do I need to take Life in the UK Test for ILR?

The Life in the UK Test is mandatory for individuals applying for UK Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). As well as passing the Life in the UK test, ILR eligibility criteria require you to also have a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR level or higher, or equivalent.

How do I pass Life in the UK test 2021?

To pass the Life in the UK test, you need to answer 18 of the 24 questions correctly. This means the pass rate is 75%. Interestingly, the number of tests taken versus the number passed is also around 75%, i.e., one-quarter of tests taken score less than the required 75% pass mark.

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How do I prepare for Life in the UK test?

To make sure you prepare well, go chapter by chapter of the guidebook. First, read and try to memorise as much as you can. Then, test your knowledge in the best way you can – by answering a test on the chapter. Try our Free Life in the UK chapter tests.

What if I fail Life in the UK test?

If you fail the Life in the UK Test you can take it again. You can take the test over and over again until you pass. But each attempt at passing the test does cost you time and money. You can still live in the United Kingdom even if you fail the test until your Leave to Remain expires.

How can I avoid Life in the UK test?

This condition must prevent you from studying for or taking the test permanently. To be exempt you must: be suffering from a long-term illness or disability that severely restricts your mobility and ability to attend language classes; or.

How do I pass my Life in the UK test the first time?

3 Top Tips For Passing The Life In The UK Test

  1. Take your time answering each questions.
  2. Practice your English words.
  3. DO NOT read the test book – just practice the questions and answers. That’s right you read point 3 correctly! Instead of reading the book try out FREE questions and answers papers on the website.

Is Life in the UK test multiple choice?

What happens during the test? The test is computer-based and lasts 45 minutes. You will have to answer 24 multiple choice questions about British customs, traditions, laws and the political system. You have to answer at least 18 questions correctly to pass – ie a pass mark of 75%.

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Are Life in the UK test Centres Open 2021?

Please be advised that Life in the UK test centres will remain open and will continue to conduct tests with social distancing measures in place. Please check your e-mails for updates and confirmation of your bookings. You do not have to call.