You asked: What was important about the rebellion of the Earl of Essex for Elizabethan England?

Why was the Earl of Essex important?

In 1591, he commanded a force sent to assist the Protestant Henry of Navarre in France. In 1596, Essex became a national hero when he shared command of the expedition that captured Cadiz from the Spanish. The following year, he failed in an expedition to intercept the Spanish treasure fleet off the Azores.

How did the Earl of Essex affect Elizabeth?

Essex was sent to Ireland to defeat a rebellion, but instead made peace with the rebels against Elizabeth’s orders. Upon his return from Ireland Essex broke into Elizabeth’s bedchamber hoping to explain his actions which alarmed and angered her. As punishment he was banned from court and financially ruined.

What was the outcome of the rebellion for Essex?

The main consequence of Essex’s failed rebellion is that Cecil reigned supreme at court, and under his direction, the succession of James VI of Scotland to the English throne was assured when Elizabeth died two years later.

Why did Elizabeth the Queen wear white makeup?

It is known however that she contracted smallpox in 1562 which left her face scarred. She took to wearing white lead makeup to cover the scars. In later life, she suffered the loss of her hair and her teeth, and in the last few years of her life, she refused to have a mirror in any of her rooms.

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Why was the Earl of Essex banished from court?

At the time of writing this letter, Essex had been banished from court for his actions as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Despite leading the largest expeditionary force ever sent to Ireland, he failed to crush the rebellion and eventually made terms with its leader, Tyrone.