You asked: What is Miller’s attitude toward the Puritans?

What is Arthur Miller’s tone about the Puritans?

Miller’s tone when describing these characters is very disapproving and dismissive. He portrays these characters as all having bad intentions and being evil. When describing John Proctor, Miller’s tone is more optimistic and sympathetic.

How does Miller describe the people of Salem?

Miller describes Salem as “a few small-windowed, dark houses snuggling against the raw Massachusetts winter.” This small town battles the elements alone at the edge of the ocean.

What is Miller’s attitude towards Abigail?

Given Abigail’s background and strict environment, Miller’s message is directed more towards the austere, oppressive community of Salem than it is towards Abigail Williams. She is essentially a traumatized, marginalized member of Salem’s community who initially avoids punishment by blaming innocent citizens.

How does Arthur Miller describe the Puritans?

Arthur Miller refers to the government of the Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts as a theocracy because church leaders were given unchecked authority to enforce laws that were based on biblical principles. Biblical law formed the basis of Puritan civil law, and power was consolidated among the church leaders.

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How does Miller use the setting to create the mood?

While setting establishes the time and place of a literary work, it often serves to generate a certain mood. In Act I of The Crucible, the setting establishes an atmosphere that is rustic, stark, limited, harsh, raw, leaden, and dark.

What are the reasons Miller gives for the phenomenon that occurred in Salem?

What are the reasons Miller gives for the phenomenon that occurred in Salem? Developed from a paradox; from theocracy “The witch hunt was a perverse manifestation of the panic which set in amount all classes when the balance began to turn toward greater individual freedom.” How did Betty become ill?

What can be understood from Act I of The Crucible about the Puritans attitude toward their slaves?

What can be inferred from Act I about he attitude of Puritans toward their slaves? They see their slaves as equals in God’s sight. They see their slaves as being only a step removed from paganis.

What was Arthur Miller’s main purpose for writing The Crucible quizlet?

What was Arthur Miller’s purpose in writing The Crucible? Arthur Miller wanted to inform his audience about the connection between McCarthyism and the Salem Witch Trials. Both were activated by hysteria, fear, and personal motives.