You asked: Is Kilburn London safe?

Is Kilburn safe at night?

Statistically, Kilburn has a high crime rate, and if you loiter on the High Road after midnight, your chances of becoming a statistic are pretty good.

What is Kilburn London like to live in?

It’s essentially a giant high road alive with shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, mixed in with residential streets just off the main thoroughfare. So, pretty much like most London neighbourhoods, except Kilburn’s high road really is very long.

Is Kilburn gentrified?

Kilburn High Road has little pockets of gentrification (bonjour Maison Vie) but this area’s still very much doing its own sweet thing.

Is Kilburn a dodgy?

In general, Kilburn is pretty unsafe. There is high rates of crime, especially in the western parts of the area which also includes poverty and rubbish/garbage littering the streets.

Is Kilburn a good suburb?

Located in the inner northern suburbs of Adelaide, Kilburn is a good 10 minute drive from the CBD and although that may sound interesting, it is associated with problems. Crime, abuse from the neighbours and uncleanliness are one of the many factors why Kilburn is not a good place to live.

Is West Hampstead a safe area?

West Hampstead has an average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.

Is Cricklewood safe?

Yes, Cricklewood is a safe area, and The Crown is a very very nice hotel, it’s not an affluent area but safety should not be a problem.

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Is Tottenham gentrified?

Of all the London neighbourhoods, Tottenham has proved among the most steadfastly resistant to gentrification, despite estate agents’ best efforts to market “Old Tottenham” and “NoTo” to the north, and “SoTo” to the south.

Is Willesden Green gentrified?

Gentrification was concentrated in the southern half of the borough, corresponding to the districts of Walthamstow and Leyton. Brent gentrified the least of the three case study boroughs and severely gentrified in Kilburn, Willesden Green, Harlesden, Park Royal and Wembley Park.