You asked: How many sunny days does London have per year?

How many days of sunshine does London have?

The United Kingdom has some of Europe’s gloomiest cities. Birmingham, London, and Manchester average around 1,400 hours of sunshine a year, whilst in Scotland, Glasgow averages just 1,203 hours of sunshine.

Monthly hours of sunshine in England from 2015 to 2020.

Characteristic Number of hours

How many days of sun does England get?

In recent years, the longest monthly duration of sunlight was recorded in May 2020, at an average of 299 hours. In comparison, Scotland received just 212 hours of sunshine in the same month.

Total monthly hours of sunlight in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2014 to 2020.

Characteristic Number of hours
Jun 2020 164.2

What is the sunniest city in the UK?

The east isn’t too far behind, with the towns of Eastbourne and Hastings holding the record for the sunniest month ever recorded in Britain. 383.9 hours of sunshine were recorded here in July 1911.

How many sunny days does Paris have?

Central France

Hours Place Days of Strong Sun
2106 La Rochelle 83
1900 Limoges 83
1767 Orléans 60
1662 Paris 51
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What is the least sunny place on earth?

Cities with the Least Hours of Sunshine per Year

Rank City Hours of Sunshine Per Year
1 Torshavn, Faroe Islands 840
2 Chongqing, China 1,054
3 Sao Joaquim, Brazil 1,065
4 Dikson, Russia 1,164

Where is the warmest place in the UK?

THE UK’s hottest locations have been revealed – and London’s burning. Almost half of the country’s top 50 warmest locations can be found in the capital. But the temperature is highest on the east coast, with Canterbury and Ashford in Kent taking the top two spots.

Is London hot or cold?

In London, the summers are short, comfortable, and partly cloudy and the winters are long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 39°F to 74°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 84°F.

How many days a year does it rain in London?

On average it rains for 156.2 days per year (data from 1981 to 2010). However, some parts of England are much wetter than others, and the farther west you go the likelier it is you’ll need to pack the iconic umbrella.

How hot does London get?

Summer can be very pleasant with temperatures averaging 18C (64F) and often into the low 20s. In recent years, London has experienced heatwaves with temperatures well above 30C (86F).