You asked: Do you get egrets in UK?

Where can egrets be found?

Marshes, ponds, shores, mud flats. Usually forages in rather open situations, as along edges of lakes, large marshes, shallow coastal lagoons and estuaries; also along rivers in wooded country. Usually nests in trees or shrubs near water, sometimes in thickets some distance from water, sometimes low in marsh.

Is there a difference between a heron and an egret?

Herons and egrets are both long-legged, freshwater, coastal birds. They both belong to the same family Ardeidae and have similar appearances. However, egrets are mainly white, and they may or may not have decorative plumes. Egrets are always smaller in size than herons.

What is the relationship between cattle and egrets?

Cattle egrets follow grazing cows and eat the flies and bugs that tend to bother the cattle. The movement of foraging livestock also dislodges various insects from the field, witch cattle egrets feed on. This type of symbiotic relationship is called commensalism.

Where do cattle egrets live?

Farms, marshes, highway edges; often associates with cattle. Widespread in any kind of open country, including pastures, plowed fields, lawns, roadsides. Also in aquatic habitats, including flooded fields, marshes. Nests in trees or shrubs, in colonies with other herons and egrets.

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