You asked: Did the neales win Britain’s got talent?

Did Isaac Waddington win?

Isaac Waddington won the public vote in the last semi-final to go straight through to the final after Alesha praised the 15-year-old singer-songwriter’s “hypnotic” voice and Simon described his performance as “fantastic”.

What happened to The Neales Britain’s got talent?

Birmingham quartet The Neales beaten to BGT crown

They tweeted their thanks earlier to everyone who voted for them, but didn’t make the top three of ITV’s live final earlier this evening. This year’s competition was won by the act known as Jules and Matisse.

Who is the most successful BGT winner?

Paul Potts was the original champion on Britain’s Got Talent and he remains one of the greatest and most successful. Paul showcased his amazing singing ability with his operatic tones, and he has continued to be a big star ever since the show.

What genre is Isaac Waddington?

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