You asked: Can you flush dental floss UK?

Can dental floss be flushed down the toilet?

Dental Floss

In addition to clogging your pipes, flushing dental floss can actually cause environmental damage. When floss is flushed, floss basically turns into a net, catching and holding onto other debris — it can even wrap around parts of your septic system and burn out the motor.

What can you flush down the toilet UK?

What to flush? The rule is only flush the 3P’s, pee, poo and paper (toilet paper that is). Everything else must go into the bin. Remember that even if a product is marketed as flushable it will not break down and will still lead to issues in the wastewater network.

Can cotton wool go down the toilet?

Cotton Buds

Cotton is absorbent. So, flushing cotton buds, wool or swab down your toilet is a bad idea because it will expand and won’t dissolve. Your bathroom trash bin is the right place to dispose of cotton buds, pads and swabs.

What should I do if I accidentally flushed down the toilet?


  1. Safety first. You’ll want to turn off the water supply to the toilet. …
  2. Close the flapper (the toilet component on the chain). Then Jay Mechanical in Essex recommends that you put on rubber gloves.
  3. Reach into the toilet trap. …
  4. Next, try a plunger.
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Are Andrex Washlets safe to flush?

Andrex® Washlets™ Moist Toilet Tissues are absolutely safe to flush down your toilet as they have passed both international INDA/EDANA flushability standard and now the UK flushable standard Fine to Flush.

Should you put hair down the toilet UK?

Even though hair is part of your body you shouldn’t flush it down the toilet. It can cause problems as it acts a bit like dental floss, forming giant balls which trap odours and can cause blockages in pipes.

Is it illegal to flush cat poop?

Here’s the thing: cat poop may carry toxoplasma gondii, a parasite responsible for killing marine life. An amendment to the California Fish and Game Code (Section 4500-4501 ) says the following: 4500. … Please do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains.”

Do sanitary towels block drains?

Unlike loo roll, tampons, nappies, sanitary pads and similar items, are designed to absorb large volumes of moisture. As such, when they end up in our sewers, instead of breaking down, they expand, and absorb lots of sewage water getting caught up in FOG, causing ever bigger blockages.

Can I flush gum?

It is not advisable to swallow your gum, and it is also not a good idea to flush your used gum down your toilet. Just throw it in the trash when you are done with it. Chewing gum, even after you are done with it, is still sticky. It can easily get stuck in your pipes on the way down the drain to your septic tank.

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Can you put sanitary towels down the toilet?

You may choose to wrap some toilet paper around your pad before putting it in the waste bin. Disposal of sanitary pads when you’re at home is pretty straightforward and up to you how you’d like to do it. As long as you’re following the golden rule of sanitary pad disposal – bin it, don’t flush it!