Why did Britain want Germany strong quizlet?

Why did Britain want a strong Germany?

By about 1907 it was becoming clear to Britain that the greatest potential threat to Britain was going to be Germany. The strong economy, large population and powerful armed forces of Germany seemed to be capable of dominating Europe. As a result, Britain began to support Russia and France.

Why did Great Britain declare war on Germany quizlet?

Why did Britain officially declare war on Germany? British policy in Europe intended that no country in Europe should become completely dominant. If Russia, France, Germany and Austria-Hungary worried about each other, then they would be less of a threat to Britain.

Why did the British feel threatened by the growing power of Germany?

Why did Britain feel threatened by Germany? Britain felt threatened by Germany because Germany began to occupy colonies in Africa and the Pacific, and many of the colonies were next to the British colonies. Britain felt threatened by Germany’s growing navy. Britain wanted to put a stop to Germany’s growing power.

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Why did Britain join the Triple Entente quizlet?

Why were Britain and France allies? France had a huge army while Britain had the most powerful navy. Together, they made up for each other’s weaknesses. Britain was also concerned about Germany’s new powerful navy.

What was the main reason that Britain entered the war?

Great Britain entered World War I on 4 August 1914 when the King declared war after the expiration of an ultimatum to Germany. The official explanation focused on protecting Belgium as a neutral country; the main reason, however, was to prevent a French defeat that would have left Germany in control of Western Europe.

What was the main reason that Britain entered the war quizlet?

Great Britain entered the First World War in response to the German invasion of Belgium. Only when Germany invaded Belgium, whose neutrality was guaranteed by Great Britain, did Britain enter the war. A cornerstone of Germany’s military policy developed by General Alfred Schlieffen.

Why were the British able to win the Battle of Britain quizlet?

Why were the British able to win the Battle of Britain? Their radar equipment was effective. … He believed that Great Britain and France would choose not to respond to his actions. What caused Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1939?

What did the Battle of Britain prove quizlet?

Terms in this set (4) The Battle of Britain was Germany’s attempt to gain air superiority over Britain in the summer of 1940. … Britain’s victory saved the country from a ground invasion and possible occupation by German forces while proving that air power alone could be used to win a major battle.

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Why did Britain hate Germany before ww1?

Britain declared war on Germany on August 4th 1914, but rivalry between the two countries had been growing for years. Germany resented Britain’s control of the world’s oceans and markets, while Britain increasingly viewed a Europe dominated by a powerful and aggressive Germany as a threat which must be contained.

Why did the British colonies fight?

The colonists fought the British because they wanted to be free from Britain. … The British forced colonists to allow British soldiers to sleep and eat in their homes. The colonists joined together to fight Britain and gain independence. They fought the War of Independence from 1775 to 1783.

How did Germany feel about the British Empire?

Hitler professed an admiration for the imperial might of the British Empire in Zweites Buch as proof of the racial superiority of the Aryan race, and British rule in India was held up as a model for how the Germans would rule Eastern Europe.