Why are Scottish Wildcats important?

What are wildcats known for?

Wildcat is an agile climber, but it lives and hunts on the ground (terrestrial animal). Wildcat is nocturnal creature (active during the night). Wildcat has keen sense of hearing and eyesight which are used for detection of the prey during the night. Wildcat is a carnivore (meat-eater).

Why are Scottish wildcats hunted?

A history of persecution

Scottish wildcats were once hunted for their fur, with deforestation also killing off many. They came close to being wiped out during World War I when persecution on Scots shooting estates was rife. Scottish Wildcats are critically endangered.

Are Scottish wildcats critically endangered?

Scottish wildcats are rarer than the tiger and they are deemed to be Critically Endangered. However, the Scottish Wildcat Conservation Action Plan sets out a programme for their conservation.

Do Scottish wildcats make good pets?

They’re also notorious for being resolutely and impossibly wild. These cats have earned the reputation of never having been tamed by a human, not even if captive-born. Scottish wildcats can breed with domestic cats to produce fertile hybrids, some of which are pure black in colour.

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