Who was the first British Resident in Kashmir?

Who was a resident during the British rule?

The Resident was a senior British official posted in the capital of these Princely States, technically a diplomat but also responsible for keeping the ruler to his alliance. This was seen as a system of indirect rule that was carefully controlled by the British Resident.

Who brought Kashmir from the Britishers?

The Treaty of Amritsar (1846) formalised the sale by the British to Gulab Singh for 7,500,000 Nanakshahee Rupees of all the lands in Kashmir that were ceded to them by the Sikhs by the Treaty of Lahore, prior to which his brother Raja Dhian Singh was the longest serving prime minister of the Sikh Empire from 1818 to …

Who was the first ruler of Kashmir?

Sadruddin Shah, also known as Rinchan, was the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir. He ruled Kashmir from 1320 to 1323 and was instrumental in establishing Islam in Kashmir.


Rinchan Shah
Sultan of Kashmir First Muslim King of Kashmir of Zulchu Dynasty
1st Sultan of the Kashmir of Zulchu Dynasty
Reign 1320–1323 CE

Who founded Kashmir?

In 1846, after the Sikh defeat in the First Anglo-Sikh War, the Treaty of Lahore was signed and upon the purchase of the region from the British under the Treaty of Amritsar, the Raja of Jammu, Gulab Singh, became the new ruler of Kashmir.

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Who is first resident of India?

After taking the oath of office as the 14th President of India, Ram Nath Kovind is now the first citizen of the country. The vice-president, currently Hamid Ansari, is the second citizen of India as per the Order of Precedence of the Republic of India.

Who sold Kashmir in 1947?

Because they could not readily raise this sum, the East India Company allowed the Dogra ruler Gulab Singh to acquire Kashmir from the Sikh kingdom in exchange for making a payment of 750,000 rupees to the Company.

Who was the first British resident appointed in Jammu and Kashmir?

Pratap Singh of Jammu and Kashmir

Pratap Singh
Successor Hari Singh
Born 18 July 1848 Jammu
Died 23 September 1925 (aged 77) Mirpur
House Dogra

What is the old name of Srinagar?

According to Kalhana, Pandrathan, which then known as Puranadhisthana (meaning the old capital) or Srinagar was founded by Ashoka the great at the south foot of a mountain spur which rises with bold slopes to a height of 3000 feet above the village.