Who is the smartest British Royal?

Who is the most educated in the royal family?

Prince William

He later joined Eton College and became the first royal family member to go there. William attained his A-levels in geography, history or art, and biology alongside 12 GCSEs.

Is Queen Elizabeth II intelligent?

Queen Elizabeth II was never exceptionally intelligent or charming, despite holding the highest honor in England. … In The Crown, the story often focuses on the Queen’s lack of confidence and uncertainty about which paths to take.

Does Queen Elizabeth II know math?

Queen Elizabeth 1, who was queen from 1558 to her death in 1603, had a most extraordinary education. An especially precocious child, she studied for years with tutors and learned to speak six languages fluently as well as grammar, theology, history, rhetoric, logic, philosophy, math, logic, literature and geometry.

Why Peter Phillips is not a prince?

The late Prince Philip had to reject titles from his home countries in order to marry into the British royal family. Philip was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, but had to reject these titles in order to marry Queen Elizabeth II.

Was Queen Elizabeth poorly educated?

Elizabeth I was well-educated, receiving lessons alongside her brother Edward and later being tutored by William Grindal and Roger Ascham.

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Does Princess Kate have royal blood?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (née Middleton) is descended from King Edward IV through her mother, Carole Middleton, and from King Edward III through her father, Michael Middleton.

Who is the favorite British royal?

The Queen (72% positive opinion – down from 78% in Q3 2020) Her Majesty sits at the head of both the Royal Family and the YouGov rankings. Nearly three in four people surveyed had a positive opinion of Queen Eizabeth II.

Is Queen Elizabeth well loved?

According to a YouGov poll in January 2014, the Queen was the most admired person in the United Kingdom with 18.74% of respondents reporting that she was the person they most admired, the highest percentage of all candidates. Internationally she was the 17th most-admired person in the world.