Which UK snakes can swim?

Do venomous snakes swim above water?

John Maerz, Professor of Vertebrate Ecology at the University of Georgia, told Reuters that all snakes can swim, and most swim below the water, or partially submerged.

How do you tell if a snake in the water is poisonous?

THICK, HEAVY BODIES: Venomous Water Moccasins have bodies that are VERY thick and heavy for their length, and short, thick tails. A harmless snake the same length would be much more slender and would have a much longer, thinner tail (see below).

Is it OK to pick up a slow worm?

It’s fine to lift up objects to look for slow worms, but Mark cautions, ‘If you do spot a slow worm hiding under a metal sheet, rock, tile or log, be sure to replace it carefully or you could easily squash them.

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