Which part of London is High Barnet?

Is Barnet a rich area?

The priciest areas can usually be found in the north of the borough, where properties in neighbourhoods such as Totteridge, Hadley, and High Barnet often sell for multi-million pound sums, although Hampstead Garden Suburb in the south frequently tops the list for some of the UK’s most expensive streets.

Is High Barnet a nice place to live?

Estate agent Lawrence Henry of Statons says Barnet is proud of its history, and High Barnet — also known as Chipping Barnet — is a wonderful place to live. …

Is High Barnet the highest point in London?

The highest point of land, the 245 m (804 ft) Westerham Heights, was also higher than any man-made structure in London until 2012, when the 309 m (1,014 ft) tall Shard London Bridge was completed.


Rank 5
Name Arkley
London borough Barnet
OS grid reference TQ219956 (51.645°N 0.238°W)
Height 147 metres (482 ft)

Is Barnet a suburb?

Barnet is a vibrant, diverse and successful city-suburb of London with big ambitions.

Is Barnet a diverse?

We want Barnet to be an inclusive borough, where everyone’s hopes and aspirations can be made real. Our diverse communities allow people of many different ethnic backgrounds, faiths and life experiences live side by side.

How safe is Barnet?

Crime and Safety in Barnet

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Barnet is among the top 10 safest cities in London, and is among the top 10 safest overall out of London’s 33 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Barnet in 2020 was 68 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Barnet expensive to live?

Barnet is the twelfth most expensive place to rent in the country when local average salaries are taken into account, new analysis of the latest figures from the National Valuation Office and the Office of National Statistics has revealed.

Is Barnet classed as London?

The London Borough of Barnet is in north London. It is the second largest London borough by population and the fourth largest by area. The borough was formed in 1965 from parts of the counties of Middlesex and Hertfordshire.