Which part of Ireland is sunny?

Where is the sun shining in Ireland?

The Sunniest Counties In Ireland [Map]

Not surprisingly, the sunny southeast dominates the top 5, with Wexford, Waterford and Carlow getting the most annual sunshine hours.

Where is the best sunshine in Ireland today?

According to their research, Wexford comes out on top with 1,600 hours of sunshine per year. Waterford is right behind its neighbour with 1,580 hours of sunshine, while Carlow hangs onto the third spot with 1,540 hours.

Which part of Ireland has the worst weather?

Valentia Island has the highest average temperature, at 10.9 °C. The coldest areas are found inland. Mullingar has the lowest average temperature, at 9.3 °C. The highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland was 33.3 °C at Kilkenny Castle, on 26 June 1887.

Where in Ireland gets the best weather?

For the warmest weather…

Valentia Island is the warmest spot in Ireland with an average annual temperature of 10.9 ºC. Nevertheless, it also experiences a lot of rain – almost twice as much as Dublin City annually in fact!

How sunny is Ireland?

Ireland normally gets between 1100 and 1600 hours of sunshine each year. The sunniest months are May and June. During these months, sunshine duration averages between 5 and 6.5 hours per day over most of the country. The extreme southeast gets most sunshine, averaging over 7 hours a day in early summer.

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What is Ireland’s climate?

Our climate can be summed up as being mild, moist and changeable with abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes. … Extreme winters are rare, and you’re more likely to encounter a warm glow than a frosty reception, with average winter temperatures of between 40°F/5°C and 46°F/8°C.

Is Ireland colder than England?

Both have a maritime climate but Ireland has less continental influence than England. Temperatures in Ireland are milder over the winter and lower over the summer than England. English winter temperatures generally being lower, England’s colder. This can be seen by looking at the hardiness zone of the two countries.

Is it expensive to live in Ireland?

Ireland is the 13th most expensive country in the world to live, according to price-comparison website Numbeo. The rankings are based on the average price of goods and services across 139 countries. … Ireland’s cost-of-living index was 83.11, which means it is 17 per cent less expensive than New York.

Does the sun ever shine in Ireland?

Today I am sharing a short post to remind everyone that the sun does shine in Ireland every now and then. And when the sun does peep out from behind the clouds, it brightens up the landscape to lift those rain induced doldrums.

How many hours of sunlight does Ireland get in the winter?

Weather in Ireland During Winter

Dec Jan
Average wind 17 kph (10.5 mph) 16 kph (10 mph)
Average daytime temperature (High) 9°C (52°F) 14°C (56°F)
Average daytime temperature (Low) 4°C (42°F) 8°C (47°F)
Average daylight hours 8.5 hrs 10 hrs
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